Don’t play the player play the game

  • Very pissed right now and your probably thinking the title means the same thing,well it does your playing against other players not F1 you buy off other players you sell to other players yeah F1 fucked up removing IS your only reason the prices where so high to start with(if you say so)l joined the 29th of feb this year so yeah it was a shit time(I blame my friend)but I’m not letting that stop me bringing in dividends every week,I’m a goal keeper fan since the dividends announcement but have a few outfield players that have collected dividends but who gives a shit about that we are one community so stop the negative shit and focus on the now and future at the end of the day your playing against each other spread the love and not the virus 😘😘😘,keepers rule!!!

  • @Dan114114 I agree. But you can keep your poxy keepers 🤓😁
    I just want to get back to proper football. All these international breaks are getting on my tits. 🙌🏻

  • @Valhalla International break, perfect opportunity to sell now and then buy back cheaper over the next week

  • @Lillychar1216 great opportunity mate. Actually no one wants my dress lol

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