• The market is a horrible mess at the moment (thanks FI) and the genius decision to introduce buy commission will not help, hindering the flipping of assets for IPDs.

    But now, although it might be obvious to say, is a perfect time to flip between the margins in a still volatile market, and with a rebate in place. Some will say don't sell - in my opinion sell and buy back. Late next week might be a more astute time to buy for the extra couple of IPDs fixture but I expect prices will rise a bit by then, prior to the introduction of buy commission.

    As an example of some of my flips today: I had some Ale Gomez's who I sold for £1.08 and brought back for £1.06.

    I sold a bunch of Martials for £1.42 and brought back for £1.36.

    I sold some Kane shares for £4.70 and brought back for £4.59

    This is a good opportunity to refresh and make small profits in the process. And this is also the perfect opportunity to get out of assets you don't back and into those you do. You can always flip again in a few days, as long as you work the margins.

    Good luck all.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Exactly what i'm doing! Sold a few hold's and will continue to do so over the weekend. Found a few that could have 7 IPD games if buying back just before the 2% comes in! Let hte good times roll!!!

  • Posts like this annoy me. Not that I'm bitter , I'm happy that you are having a good time . I want everyone to have a good time. When you say flip between the spread, about 10 out of 30 players I bet on dont have a spread. I want to get out of a couple of these. Even at a loss but I cant. I think many are in the same situation. So where you say there in opportunity , there really isn't for some

  • @AndydfopT to be clear, I am not positive about this situation. I started with some negativity to try to illustrate that. I also have assets where flipping isnt practical. My portfolio is dividend heavy, so has been impacted less than some, but I have some without sells.

    But I do believe there is opportunity for flipping for many assets and re-adjusting the portfolio. I wanted to draw attention to this as some new users will not appreciate the opportunity available - there was a question on here about flipping only a week ago, so I have given examples too. Simply - flip at a big loss and then sell when prices improve.

    This is a shitstorm and we can all only make the best of it.

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