IPO 'issues'

  • I am fairly new to Football Index and I love it I think it is a great way to make money while having fun but IPO is surely fixed?

    I was refreshing like mad for players on my work's PC which has rapid Conmection and two screens and when the players finally appear they are double in price

    Limbombe showed up at 61p after refreshing constantly from 1500hrs onwards. If anybody has him at 30p or even 50p I would like to see as I can't help but think this is somewhat planned in order for FI to make some money from people panic selling?

    I hope my theory is wrong but I would like to be proved I am wrong with some proof.

    Lesson learned do not touch IPO

  • I got burnt on ipo , I stay well away from it . Not sure about being fix , maybe fi staff purchase some before the player get launched lol . Wasted my time refreshing .

  • @B1992G
    I've posted on another thread and 100% agree with what you have said.
    Adama didn't appear at all for me and when he did was about 1.40.
    I had the exact same issue with you with Limbombe was refreshing constantly and appeared around the 60p mark.
    I could not have got to him any quicker than I did.

  • I'd agree with what most are saying here. There definitely needs to be much, much more transparency around IPOs. FI need to look at this otherwise I think faith in the platform will wane.

  • I'd be very cautious to throw the word 'fix' about. I noticed Adama at around .95, but that was already at a cost I wouldn't buy him at and was already waiting to get in on Arias.

    I think it would be good to get a little more transparency from the team of how an IPO is listed, but with some big spenders on here with more experience than us, I am sure there are some little tweaks and strategies that can get you in as early as possible.

    Also, as soon as a player is added, due to the lack of (0) shares in that player currently held across the platform, I imagine smaller volume buy up will have a much more significant affect on inflating a price? Especially over such a short period of time.

  • @SambaStar I know it's a strong word to use is fix but I would just like some proof that people got on these players are the 'listed' price caus I find it somewhat impossible people will have

  • @B1992G
    Not quite what you are after and certainly not Adama, but I managed to get in fairly early on Arias' list price (.50)

    Nothing incredible here and far better success stories on IPO's, but it can be done...

    0_1526057030042_Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 17.38.20.png

  • @SambaStar mate that's fair, that's the sort of thing I am looking for, I didn't get for this guy so I can't relate. I would like to see Limbombe

  • I've been burnt on IPOs so I stay away, but I don't think there's evidence of it being a fix when you crunch the numbers.

    When I joined and learnt about IPOs it seemed like by far the best way to make decent money quick. I'm sure the amount of people who think likewise is significant. The competition for these players is insane. If you think about it, when a player to go from 40p to 80p say, that's only 4000 shares (if we go by the rough 100 shares per 1p rise theory). That's potentially just 40 trades. 40. Considering there are over 140,000 registered users (admittedly an awful lot will not be active users) how many people do you think you are competing with to get these players? I'd say hundreds, if not thousands.

    The fact of the matter is, it's fastest finger first. We're talking about milliseconds. Maybe there's a better way of handling it but I see no evidence of the current system being a fix. It's just a case of there being a staggering demand for these players and it's frustrating when you miss out. I know how you guys feel because I've felt that frustration too, so I stay away.

  • @B1992G FI has more than 146.000 users. I estimate that today 1.000-2.000 users waited to buy Hwang, Adama and other IPO players.... so you can imagine that only a small percentage and those with the most luck, and fastest computer will get those players so cheap. On twitter a guy wrote that he made today 30% with one IPO... so its possible.....

  • It’s always been the same, 2 players used to get promoted every Friday, the prices flew up within milliseconds, waste of time to get them cheap.

    Your best waiting a few hours because the people who do get them ( I don’t know how) just flip and make a profit and the price drops.

  • I hope you are all right but look at the facts

    So Limbombe...

    146,000 users
    Not all are active

    How many people on here are working class people and will be at work between 1500 and 1545 on a Friday? A high amount

    How many people avoid IPO's because they have been burnt before? Judging by this a lot

    You can only buy 100 shares at a time so slows one person getting a big amount

    I was refreshing every second and when he came up he was at 61p, a 31p rise in that amount of time I find astonishing

  • And to add weird how a platform with 146,000 2 peole have said the same about 1 player on the forum seeing him at 60p on the first refresh who don't know each other? Surely we would have seen him at a different price

  • @Comrade Exactly the same thing happened to me with Adama.

    Not happy. Actual made me question , the ethics of the platform. I'm convinced there was something fishy going on

  • I'm totally aligned to your thoughts on IPO - but I have been able to get a few players at a decent price simply by refreshing as soon as the player is added.

    I got Limbombe @49p, but got burnt on Augusto @84p...

    There normally seems to be a pullback after the initial rush of 2 or 3 mins of manic buying and selling - which is when i have bought in the past if not able to be watching constantly.

    My best success was getting Vinicius Junior @80p! I hit the buy button pretty hard to get that locked in!

  • @B1992G it's definitely easy to get wrapped up in this notion that the IPO's are fixed but there's no way FI would risk their whole business to make a few quid off Adama. There are 100,000 plus users on this site say only 1%of them are going for one of the big IPO's that's 1,000 people all trying to buy the same player at one time. There are going to be winners and losers in a situation like that. I've had really bad ones and been left massively in the red and I've gotten very lucky with a few (getting Kimmich around about 30p and selling him for around a quid, terrible decision to sell looking at his price now though) but you either have to keep trying until you get lucky or you leave IPO's alone altogether and wait a few weeks when all the flippers have sold up and he's moved down to a more reasonable price. If you are new you won't remember the brutal Fridays when only 2 players were being added at 25p at 1 and 1.15. Literally every person on the index was going for those players it was fucking ruthless. I once ended up with Idrissa Gueye at around 1.05 and had to sell him around 56p. Those were tough times.

  • This point with the dodgy IPO's was raised directly with Adam during the Birmingham meet and the response from Adam did not bode any form of confidence or assurances for the future in my opinion !! if you get a chance, try and find the recording of the Q&A !

  • @Jay-Frazz Can I see him at 49p please mate

  • @Jay-Frazz show me at 49p please mate

  • @B1992G - Of course mate!

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