• fairly new to FI. Got in just before the big drop. Not too concerned but one thing I’ve noticed is that dividends seem to have dried up. Had goals from Kane, Torres, Haaland, Bailey, Gredish and Werner in the last week. No Divs from any.
    Is there something I’m missing? Cheers.

  • Have you held the shares for more than 30 days? They are only eligible for IPDS in the first 30 days after purchase

  • Yes, had them all for over 3 months

  • Not having a go but I really wish people would read the T C s before betting on players. Your IPDs are exempt after a month mate

  • Telling me that that you only get IPDs for the first month of owning a player? Fair enough. Lesson learned- don’t believe the hype.

  • @NewUser628748

    You have to trade in/out to keep the IPDs but don’t panic...sell on a spike

  • @NewUser628748 no if you can sell and buy back in at a small cost it might be worth trying. However these are premium players you are talking about. They are good long term holds

  • @NewUser628748 yeah . everybody trades differently . some people trade for ipds on a regular basis. i tend to make sure my players are bought for their pb possibilities and any ipds are a bonus. kane is a good pb and media hold long term. haaland is generally not regarded as a good pb player. he can score a hatrick and still lose out to someone like messi who scores one. The other guys are good pb players. ( bailey im not sure but he seems to be improving cos hes on set pieces). i would look at either waiting for your players to rise to get a profit ( unlikely at the moment) or top up on the low prices. if you top up ofcourse the new shares will be eligible for ipds for 30 days

  • @NewUser628748 read the rules of your bet.
    Saves the whining later

  • Out of interest, how long did you think IPDs were active for?

    I go by the logic that if I bought Kane today, for instance, for 4.60 - and he wins at least 10 X MB between now and, let’s say, the World Cup 2022 and 5 x star player on gold days between now and then, you’d be looking at £2 in dividends per share. I’m expecting more, really I am and that’s also excluding initial IPDs, TOTM, potential dividend promos for the international tournaments and transfer speculation.

    Imagine if, on top of that, IPDs were valid for as long as you held the player?

  • Can confirm that dividends are alive and well - had Skov, Yazici, Lopez for Gold Day PB on Thursday and Kane MB as a cherry on top, all came in as expected to my account. And that's not mentioning the IPDs!

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