Would the money come back

  • If next week , with the internationals coming how would the market go if the index did IPD x 5 ... just a thought

  • @Doddy some might but I think a lot would use it to get there money out and then reassess

  • Bring it on, hopefully it would be mine and loads of others chances to sell.

    It would sit as a balance for a month to keep an eye on the platform, and I honestly wouldn't be too gutted to miss train after train waiting to watch what happens. It's not like I haven't in the past!

    I dont want a free handout, I just want to know the next 3 years so I can place my bets knowing thats it. If after 3 years I have lost, then I have lost.

    What I can't accept is the way the value has been wiped off every port. I doubt there is a port that was active in January is not down on that timestamp of less than 10%

    Imagine the stamp collectors like FI Don. Bet he's a good 20% down.

  • @Millerman yeah if they said this is what's going to happen in the next 3 years with no changes to the main structure the pb media divs etc will be locked in. Players do change position it what it is with that. No cap on sell, Do 5% birthday bonus each year and then leave it at that all would be take that I would think

  • @Doddy said in Would the money come back:

    If next week , with the internationals coming how would the market go if the index did IPD x 5 ... just a thought

    No it wouldn't. We're still in a pandemic, people still need money out of the Index just to live, letalone for Christmas. The market will right itself, just not yet

  • If they want to generate revenue then just do gimmick weekends where people can pick and choose to get involved.

    So have a 3 year plan, and if changes are to be made, test them, make sure they will work. Run projections and tell us. X is happening in Q3 2021. We have ran projections on the last 6 months trading and this is what we have seen. As it's a fundimental change we are giving you our valued users a 3 month (whatever timescale is but at least a month) it make any changes you feel you need to.

    And then if they feel it's a bit static, throw in a Spanish player themed weekend (insert idea here) All players scores added together a d for every 250 you get x p. Like they did last year was it? Could do all sorts of shit, red card madness....player gets sent off and you win the number of shares you bought on the player, all sorts of crazy shite could be done.

    Fuck about with impulse promo to their hearts contet, that will tickle the betting itch in most of us. Loads they could do. FI have an amazing opportunity, anyone in customer service or sales know when it's gone tits up, it's about recovering the situation? You as I have been here with certain brands in the past.

    I doubt anyone would have an issue about a fixed product for 3 years, with a yearly divided review (I'm not saying increase, I'm saying review) and throw in as many commission generators they want for themselves.

    It really isn't hard is it?

  • @Millerman some good ideas bud👍

  • As someone who sold everything before the crashes and holding out rejoining, Any promo they run I am happy to miss out on till I see what happens when the full market book is introduced!

    The possible falls during the introduction of full market books far outweighs any possible promo gains.

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