Get rid of 1p below offers?

  • Surely the way things are now it's just going to take forever. Dropping the 1p below offers would help speed up the process? Yes our ports will drop but they are doing anyway at a slow rate. I've got players that I'd be happy to sell 10p below buy price for me to crack on and buy different players but instead we are where we are because we can only sell at 1p below which is really poor now and needs to end for us to move forward quicker!

  • @Barkez_86 Haha happy to sell at 10p below buy price. I'd just be happy to sell some of the shit I hold. I think you are right in what you say but people aren't even bidding low on some players so who would accept your sell offrrs

  • @Barkez_86 Totally agree. At the moment buyers can bid low, but sellers can only offer 1p below buy price, You have a choice of sell low or hold.

    Remove the 1p rule and prices might meet in the middle a bit more.

    There might be a big price adjustment, but better to get it over with and start a recovery than the slow painful death that is happening at the moment.

  • As brown friday showed. If you take the 1p off this market everything will be bid down to 0 (slight hyperbole).

    The issue is that vastly more people want to sell than are prepared to buy. It will cause a run on the Market.

    They have to "fix" the market If people want any value in their accounts...

    But massively for this idea totally spead up the drop and get the twitter traders upset with big losses again so I can finally buy back in!

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