Share Expiry (Loyalty Bonus)

  • Hi all. Haven't been very active in discussion recently and been on auto pilot with the news thread but thinking about the current situation.

    FI need to incentivise traders to keep the faith long term.

    Deposit Bonuses and promotions miss the point.

    Likewise, share expiry needs to be introduced. Potentially a nightmare if we can't sell in the first place.

    What if FI did a loyalty bonus scheme around this?

    My feeling is that we are effectively starting from scratch with order books. A brand new platform. Like it was 4 years ago. Huge drops and uncertainty everywhere. The following years brought huge growth and rewards for those who believed in FI. But here are we, a different platform altogether and starting from scratch in a new world.

    Yet our shares were purchased under the old rules.

    Thoughts on this - For those who purchased shares prior to the introduction of share expiry (Jan/Feb 2021) those shares will be eligible for a free renewal upon expiry.

    No commission. FI take the hit and we start fresh. Yes the liability is huge but the masses leaving is worse. Of course, the objective being to stabilise the platform. Persuade people to see it through to the new year and we'll all have a fresh start. Sentiment restored, we all make up and happy ever after. Covid is gone, Trump out, a new year and spring around the corner.

    What do you think? Especially those leaving / thinking of leaving. Would it persuade you otherwise.

  • @Metropolis I appreciate the time & effort of the post & another idea, it wouldnโ€™t persuade me one way or the other... you say the masses, there is barely anyone playing it in the grand scheme of things. If anyone was thinking of leaving.. Iโ€™m sure theyโ€™d need a decent chunk to persuade them to stay, plus the many entry points of people.

  • I think they already lost a lot of people and as soon as people can get out ( the ones that want to will no matter what they do ).
    They should have never forced people in staying ,doing so they created q precedent and that means that there is nothing stopping them from doing it again,I know that IS is not there anymore but I am sure they would find another way if they wanted to ....
    Unfortunately if they would have made q genuine mistake people would have come back as we can all get things wrong, but they planned it deliberately they held funds in here I understand they were protecting their product but there is a pandemic out there qnd people are loosing their jobs ...that was very low from them

  • Yeah they took the opportunity to lock in peoples money for themselves and basically said fuck u all!๐Ÿ˜‚

  • @Metropolis I must of missed the share expiry message. Last time I spoke with FI via email a few months back to ask if my 3 year old shares would expire they said the three year rule is not in place yet. Has this been announced now? Cheers.(and do you have a link please?)

  • @Harmonica no announcement on this, other than that they will start expiring shares. No confirmation of date but I think early 2021 was mentioned.

  • @Metropolis Where was that mentioned buddy?

  • @Harmonica in one of the updates I think. I'll try and find the link.

  • So the people who bought at the lowest prices (and had their 3 years of dividends) should get them renewed. Makes total sense.

    In that case they should have a loyalty bonus for customers that joined after that date to buy the players (At FI expense of course) at the price they where 3 years ago.

    Oh wait they probably where higher then!

  • @Metropolis interesting thanks mate. Guess I need to think about selling some shares, (oh hang on ๐Ÿ˜•.....)

    I presume we will get plenty of notice or even three years to hold shares from when they announce the three year rule officially, I can't see them just saying in 2021 "right any 3 year old shares will now dissappear". ๐Ÿš€

  • @Harmonica no worries.

    Yeah, that's kind of my point. Impossible to renew by selling and buying. A renew button is an option, but thought this idea may (partly) solve the main issue as well (retain users and improve sentiment).

    Difficult to predict how they will do it. At the end of the day, they need to expire them somehow at some point, without causing more frustration and a backlash. There's a very high chance some shares are already 3+ years old so how they will approach this will also be interesting.

  • How can they expire shares when there is no is on them. Seems very harsh

  • @Harmonica I'm in the same boat and have a fair few players expiring Jan-April 21. Need to get them sold ๐Ÿ˜… but I cant imagine with the market in this state FI would just expired them. That really would be a kick in the nuts for loyal users.

  • @BeanDrown yeah I'm sure they will come up with the right decision. I reckon you should get three years from when they officially announce the three year rule, that would be the fair way. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿคž(I don't think the three year rule is high up their to do list at the mo though)

  • I recently cashed out on my three years holds (most thankfully at the start of the year) simply because i don't think FI know their arse from their elbow... I was told an 'extra' year would have been added on to these shares and I believe the only reason they 'said' three years in the first place is because a 'bet' needs to have an expiry date, but I'm not sure they actually know how to implicate the bet termination, hence my panic that my players were close to their original tenure, they may have simply been taken off me... All this uncertainty has cost me dividends too! Harry Kane a prime example in recent weeks... The only reason for me cashing out was because i 'knew' I was pretty close to my three year holds and I didn't want to lose the profit completely, Ideally 'if' I have a end date to my bet I can prepare and amend my portfolio, which also doesn't help when yet another 'promo' completely changes the dynamics!!!

    Although then again... FI don't really want punters like me holding long term and profiting from slow appreciation and dividend yield.

    So I don't think there should be 'any' more bonuses for existing players who hold long term... Simply let the index find its value and let us 'bet' on undervalued players with strong appreciation potential and those we feel will win dividends each week! should be simple, why complicate it even more with gimmicks and bonuses that will saturate more falseness on a market that is still desperate to find its actual feet!

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