Are gk worth having ??

  • Does anyone find gk good to hold ?? And if so who ? Oblak ?

  • Yes, goalkeepers are probably the safest holds on the index. Regular returns, and the potential for steady long term cap app.

    Plenty of threads recommending them but look for keepers playing in Europe who play both domestic and European fixtures. Check out the new FI data centre too - should help.

  • @Hint would you say oblak good ?

  • @NewUser222251 G/k's well worth holding, still pretty cheap at the moment, As said you need to find those playing in EL/CL and for their Country also. Can pick some up pretty cheap on the bid market. And yes Oblak is worth investing in

  • Most GK''s are worth holding as @Hint says they are safe. I can't add to what he says as I agree 100% although I also have a lot of Keepers who aren't in Europe who have earned divs and been top keeper already.

    But if you are looking to start buying then the guys in European competitions are where I would start. Manuel Neuer and Donnarumma have returned a fair bit but are over a quid (still cheap)

    I'd suggest Keylor Navas of PSG who is quite cheap or Gulacsi of Leipzig who has European Championship qualification for Hungary (playing on Thursday if selected) as good options to start with.

    Do your own research though.

  • Brilliant holds right now. You can pick guys at clubs in Europe up for 40p or less. A clean sheet pays you 2-3%. As said above, do your research, look at the best PB holds and those for IPDs.

  • @NewUser222251 Neuer is anyway. Because everyday he plays (twice a week) he's near the top on on top for PB GK. Also be in with a chance of winning totm every month

  • Yeah I have had a gk heavy port for a long time now since the 5x ipd promo. They earned me so much during that time and now they are keeping me ticking over. They have come down in price recently but the regular divs each day means I'm able to reinvest in them and bring my buy price down. I am worried it's going to be harder to refresh shares with the added conmison though

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