Dani Alves

  • Does anyone know how bad his Alves injury is. He's going to miss the world cup but will he be back early next season.

  • Early indication is he's torn his ACL, roughly 6-9 months out before the player will resume training (if he decides to carry on playing that is).

  • @FootballIndexRC It looks like he is not playing in another World Cup ever again.

  • 5-6 Months according to Brazilian media. He will head to Brazil for the summer is what Brazilian media are reporting and will see the same medical team that Neymar was rehabilitating with there.

    If you were holding him for WC, I'd be cautious to jump on the Danilo bandwagon. Danilo would not be Tite's first choice replacement in that position...

  • @SambaStar
    Who will be the replacement then do you think ?

  • @Indexical

    I've discussed this elsewhere. Fagner is Tite's first choice for that position with Alves out. Fanger is not currently listed on FI, but I assume if the developers catch on (I have emailed them) they would rather IPO him before he springs up in Brazil's starting line up.

    Fagner plays in Brazil for Corinthians- where Tite was most successful (why he includes the likes of Renato Augusto and Cassio in his squad, along with Fagner).

    The problem for Fagner is he is returning from injury. As of today, he is due back to play in 15 days. If he regains fitness well, Tite will start him over Danilo. I'd just be cautious if people are buying up Danilo just assuming he is now the next choice. He isn't and you could get burned if Fagner returns to fitness in time.

    With Fagner out of the picture, Danilo would be the man. Some have considered Rafinha (Bayern), but he has barely played under Tite and Tite is not the kind of manager to call up a player he has previously worked with.

    If you are holding Danilo and Fagner starts Brazil's next friendly agaisnt Croatia (03/06) or final friendly against Austria (10/06) ...that is the time to sell all your Danilo shares.

  • @SambaStar
    Interesting. Cheers

  • At his age he is done.

  • @NewUser60527
    I would have thought so too so I sold up at a hefty loss. Annoying to see him bouncing back for some reason now though!

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