This a way to encourage traders to invest more money into the platform, and see it dissapear,

  • Hmmm. Shenanigans!

  • @NewUser620089 your a big boy who can think for himself. Don’t do anything you don’t want to.

  • This reads more as a We need some time to come up with something, please don't freque out till friday.

    They got nothing and are scrambling!

  • @Toptom You know what.... You're an absolute piece of shit do you know that?

    I've Read your posts.

    People that sell up, and then talk the market down every chance they get to their own end are just pathetic.

  • Sorry, I saved alot of people alot of money by correctly predicting the crashes.

    Just cos you didn't take the advice and decided to hold the drops ain't my problem, Your acting out due to your own mistakes, Stop trying to blame others for them :)

    You just wish you sold up and just waiting to buy back in, In fact you could made money just holding it an s&p 500 index fund while the FI gets its act together. But I guess the chance at 12p in dividends is more valuable than 6-8% gains in a day.

  • @Toptom In think people who withdraw from the index should be banned from the forum. Makes sense , what do you think?

  • @AndydfopT had the same thought myself last night, surely fi should be able to terminate or suspend any forum account that's linked to a trader who is either inactive or has no financial stake in the product, so as to stop disgruntled former users from affecting sentiment and the product

  • @AndydfopT so anyone who does or says something that contravenes your own personal view should be censored? Goodbye trump

  • @Toptom You have zero credibility. I've seen right through you,
    So off you fuck :)

  • @NewUser469373 said in This a way to encourage traders to invest more money into the platform, and see it dissapear,:

    @AndydfopT so anyone who does or says something that contravenes your own personal view should be censored? Goodbye trump

    It's not about that.

    There are a lot of genuine traders worried about future crashes. I am very sceptical about the announcement and it does look like a playing for time tactic.

    However... Anyone who has sold up, it is in there interest to start scaremongering and encourage negative sentiment. At this point they are pretty cancerous to the index. It doesn't make sense for FI to allow people actively trying to drag down the platform on their official forum it really doesn't. So yes they should have their account suspended.

    This sort of thing is part of the advantage for the discord group in that it gives people a chance to discuss genuine concerns without being dragged down by these. The shit can be banned quite easily.

  • @NewUser469373 not quite what he's saying, I wouldn't go as far as to do what Andy suggested because it'd be impossible to police and also could look like silencing the negative posters.

    But some people, and please understand I'm only talking about some people in life, they like to be proven right. So if they've sold up, they will want the market to drop further so that they can smugly say they predicted a crash.

    I'm happy to give people the benefit of the doubt myself but I do see Andy's point and I don't think he is saying anyone with a differing opinion should be silenced. More a case of, ok you've sold up, said your you really need to be on the forum? I mean I feel sad enough coming on this forum every day and I have some money in FI, if I didn't have money I'd probably try and spend more time with my girlfriend (who am I kidding, I'd find another forum).

  • @Toptom Scaremongering when you don’t even have a port, is pretty sad tbh. The fact that your shooting down Fridays announcement before it’s even been revealed with little nuggets of insight like: “they’ve got nothing and are scrambling!” Shows your post for what it is- shit stirring.

  • @Valhalla Every post they make is bashing something with the intention of creating uncertainty to try and get prices down further. You get them on every type of trading boards, they're not usually as dumb as this one though with what they post.

  • @NewUser395078 true. Ppl don’t mind constructive criticism of FI on here. But constant trolling of threads just shows @Top Tit doesn’t have much of a life.

  • @Toptom well done you can predict the future, let's hope your on board for the recovery

  • @Ddr or trying to drive the prices down for their own agenda / gain

    FI should also be able to remove 'top' from users names when its clear they are a bottom feeder

  • I'm definitely not against people saying how they feel and venting their frustrations. What really gets me is the people who come on to the forum , tell everybody how clever they are and that they predicted all this shit happening. I'm honestly happy for people who have managed to leave FI with profit or at least minimal damage. There are many of us who have faith in the platform and have quite a substantial amount of money on bets placed. What we want to hear are positive views, not some billy big bollocks saying how fucked we all are . Take your money and leave the forum to the people who are either stuck here or hoping for a upturn in fortune. I hope to fuck that the people who ride out the storm are rewarded and the people who jumped regret their decision

  • @MUFC Its hardly predicting the future just basic economics LoL.

    When there are green shoots of recovery, Of course I will be reinvesting. The issue is now the markets are flying the returns need to be much higher if I am gonna go back in with the 6 figures I pulled out.

    We just don't look even close yet, The sentiment is low and market depth and full order books have still not been introduced. Need the risks to be removed and then see what the yield is there. Hence why I only occasionally take a look at the forums, while a few are on here 24/7 hoping for someone else to guide them with some positive news to jump on.

  • As I was saying

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