European Championships

  • @DJ-110 said in November TOTM:

    Is there any in the tables that are in the Euro Playoffs?

    I thought it would be worth starting a new thread for discussion, but to answer your question:

    PATH A Iceland vs Hungary
    PATH B Northern Ireland vs Slovakia
    PATH C Scotland vs Serbia
    PATH D Georgia vs North Macedonia

    Group A
    Italy, Wales, Turkey and Switzerland

    Group B
    Belgium, Russia, Denmark and Finland

    Group C
    Holland, Ukraine, Austria and North Macedonia

    Group D
    England, Croatia, Czech Republic and Scotland

    Group E
    Spain, Sweden, Poland and Slovakia

    Group F
    France, Germany, Portugal and Hungary

    So, who makes it through the play-offs, who are the cheap, niche pumps and who gets the most MB in the Group of Death out of Pogba and Ronaldo?

    Discuss (and don't let this turn into an "England are shit" thread please!!)

  • The PATH games are eligible PB games and take place this Thursday. Only a bronze day but there could be a bargain or two to be found.

  • @Kipper72 7p for a Marek Hamsik share you'll never be able to sell?!

    Gylfi is always a shout, absolutely smashed it last time out for Iceland.

    Tadic is probably the Serbian shout. Is Kolarov still going at international level?

    Also, what chances of beating Serbia di you think Scotland have? I think it'll be closer than most expect.

  • @Lukeroro Is Filip Kostic still injured? I wouldn't buy into him for a Bronze day at his price but may have topped up if I held.

    Predrag Rajkovic is a cheap GK for Serbia and has won me divs (not many admittedly).

    Hamsik 7p - Never heard of him and I won't be buying but I may regret it if they get through. If he does I'll buy 100 for the tournament if I can get him below 10p

  • @Kipper72 you've never heard of Marek Hamsik?! Fair! I think if Slovakia go through I definitely will. Takes most set pieces.

    The problem for Kostic and Rajkovic is Scotland are actually not bad. They've got some really good players and the return of Rangers is helping boost everything I think. From set pieces they're incredibly dangerous. Serbia are still my favourites but for me, it's not a given they go through.

  • England vs Scotland would be MB gold.

  • @Kipper72
    Never heard of Hamsik.... Napoli gold dust especially on FM over the years. How have you not heard of him if your a football fan 🤷‍♂️

  • Yeah Hamsik is pretty well known, I'm sure @Kipper72 would know him when he sees him. Gaunt face with a huge mohawk, scary looking cunt.

  • He will be irrelevant when the mighty Northern Ireland stuff them on Thursday!!! GAWA

  • Many Neapolitans hold Hamsik with almost as much high regard as Maradona for what he's done at Napoli... He's an absolute legend in Campania!!!!

    Diego who? you might ask?

  • @dannypea he's a hero there but on Maradona level I'm not sure. I was amazed at the cult of Maradona when I was in Naples - it was reminiscent of the Che Guevera love in Havana. Can't go down a street without seeing mural and he was even being used in an ad for their new kit on a load of billboards and in shops.

  • @Roon I'm not a die hard football fan. I don't play football manager or fantasy football, and I don't support any team, I have only really taken an interest in football again since I stumbled across this site 10 months ago.

    I now have a very keen interest in football but not in any particular team just games that involve players in my port.

    My point is I have heard of a lot of players, Messi, Rooney, Kane etc but why would I have heard of Hamsik? The good thing is, I have now heard of him and you lot have added to my football knowledge.

  • @Kipper72 nice response and funny sig!

  • @howsthebacon you mean like this? alt text
    I get that he's no way near reached the Maradona 'legend' status but 'many' regard him in the same breath, when naming a best ever XI he'll always be in the conversation as candidates, alongside Maradona, which was my point!

    I've been to Naples many times and have seen the love and affection for him, yes Maradona to a Neapolitan is god, but Hamsik is certainly a disciple of Napoli too.

  • @dannypea fair enough - I was just basing it on my own limited experience of Naples. Saw nothing about Hamsik but loads of Maradona. But Hamsik is a modern day player, players from 20/30 years ago will always be romanticised more.

  • @howsthebacon not disputing Maradona is HUGE in Naples but I am saying Hamsik is 'legendary' amongst many/most/all Napoli fans!!! He is the 'all time leading Napoli goalscorer after taking over from Maradona and is the all time leading appearance maker too!

    Honestly if ever there was a player second to Maradona he would be considered by most to have a shout!

    I'm sure as we speak the fans will be throwing kippers in to the sea in disgust that just one football fan on our forum has never heard of him!!! ;-) I was surprised as much as you are for the love of Hamsik as I didn't realise just how big a player he was for them, but he's certainly one that in 20/30 years time will be remembered just as fondly (ok perhaps a little less) than Diego.

  • @dannypea my mates actually met Hamsik. They were in Bratislava on a stag do and he was there wandering round in a suit on his way to a wedding. He had a pint with them, apparently he is really friendly even if he looks like a fucking nutter.

  • @howsthebacon hahahahaha

    TBF you would think he's crazy, you seen his tats???? a guy who has also lived and breathed the Napoli way!!! No way he can be a 'nice' down to earth guy!!!

    Love that he was just 'wondering around' in Bratislava before going to wedding before latching on to a stag do! I hope for your mates sake it was him and not just some random bloke with a mohawk ;-)

  • @dannypea my mate saw him and thought na, all Slovakians probably look like that haha. He is pretty distinctive.

    Naples is an amazing city, I got told it was crap of some guy at work but I think if you go there expecting a nice clean tourist friendly city you might be in for a shock. It had more in common with Havana and Marseille than say Barcelona or Rome.

    Some of the best pizza in the world and just a shot train journey from the Amalfi, what's not to love.

  • @howsthebacon some of the cheapest pizza in the world too! And a trip up Vesuvius is not to be missed. Barmy city, but brilliant.

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