Green shoots of stability?!

  • Hi guys.

    Looking a lot better today on the market. I'm back in and buying.

    Must admit i pulled all of the money i put in out. I lost my job so was planning to anyway but was consistently making £100 per week profit since brown sunday so got tempted to leave it in a while. Risky!!

    However despite all the ups and downs the lack of IS on more and more players scared me. I couldn't afford the risk so sold up big time. Have withdrawn all that i put in plus a small amount of profit thankfully before my players all became unsellable. I left the remaining profit in, a free hit. I liked FI so far despite the bumps on the way so I will play with nothing to lose.

    Today though i feel we have hope. Top 200 have gone from about 20 players with IS options to the vast majority. Spreads are closing too.

    The announcement will make or break FI i think... Fingers crossed it lights those rockets. Life in the index zombie yet!!

  • @NewUser621268
    Like the positivity hope you are correct.

  • The announcement of an announcement has calmed the market till Friday. Let hope it’s what we need. Spreading the love to tiered PB and double TOM would really help.

  • @NewUser218220 yes looking better today so far, my port is starting to go up again and pogba looks good value now along with grealish and many others, so I'm back in and buying again, can't wait for Friday gla.

  • My big concern at moment is selling (or turning over if you will) with wide spreads a fair minded seller is screwed, either sell too low or try sell 1p below top price (and a long wait)

    Otherwise i have no issues, divs are good etc, would like media expanded, but really they need to prop up the spreads a little across the board

  • I think it is a cyclical thing too. It has been building for a few days, with a snap back at points. Grealish's price is a great example - went from a realistic buy price of 2.30 up to 2.70, down to 2.40 and now up to 3 on the basis of transfer rumours (but an inevitable rise). The first small signs of recovery came even before the announcement.

    The same thing happened last IB but, if my memory is correct, it happened slightly later. Grealish was again a major beneficiary too.

    Clearly numerous issues are driving these crashes but there is something peculiar to them too. I wonder, to what extent, a few big giants are capable of driving the movement of a market lacking liquidity (and at a point of low confidence where every user is concerned about a crash, especially around the IB periods).

    I think, among all the other issues, FI need to consider how to make IBs more interesting. 3 media places alone isnt doing it. The other issue for me is that the implementation of buy commission will make flipping less profitable next time this happens. This was/is an ideal moment for portfolio reconstitution, as we have a 1% rebate, so every buy is basically a 1% commission trade. Next time they will cost us 4%.

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