Ronaldo and Neymar Potential swap .?.

  • Both are near end of contracts so Leonardo is looking at swapping with Juve...could be great media potential for both players but Pb wise who would be better off
    Ronaldo in farmers league
    Or Neymar...

    Even if you think it’s not ever going to happen it’s worth FI input 👍

  • Of these dark days of 'where' is the index heading I certainly wouldn't take a punt on Neymar and his unflattering returns but when it comes to Ronaldo i did buy into him back over the locked-down summer simply because on slow news days he's still worth his weight in value (especially priced compared to others)...

    Slightly risky due to age but as someone told me on this very forum before, he's a freak of nature and can probably play until he's gone 40!!!!

    Always worth a PB/MB and whilst Neymar has that in his locker too, at 7.84 having recently been as high as £10 I would want a bit more for my money than just 'swap deal' potential...

    If Neymar was 'ripping it up' in that farmers league with high PB scores and plenty of goals I would no question take the gamble, but the fact he isn't makes me think there's some downturn still to go in him!!!!

  • outside chance Ronaldo teams back up with ole at United and Messi to City would be great

  • They say never go back!!!!

    Not entirely sure United 'need' Ronaldo but then again i didn't really think they needed Cavani?

    Stranger things have happened??

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