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  • Adjusting to the new normal on FI is a task many of us have had to learn, moving from the youth bubble, pogba express, non PB player prospects etc to a more solid proven PB based portfolio.

    I have put together what I think is the best value and yield returning players over the next 18 months, all of whom are playing in CL or EL and are 28 or under - (excluding GKs) with the aim of being able to compete in each category on various match days. Note - I am focusing on yield/value and not purely on who will win the most dividends.


    Neurer £1.33

    34 years old so at some point will need an exit plan, but assume he wins 6 out of 12 TOTMs that is a 30p (22%) and then 7 out of his expected 40+ games as a Pb win 12p (10%) you are looking at a 33% return without factoring in clean sheet IPD flips and any appreciation in selling in 12 months.

    Ederson 68p

    28 years old, criminally underpriced I think as a CL gk who likes to, and is good at, playing the ball out and keeping clean sheets in a winning team.

    Kasper - 44p

    An even cheaper version of Ederson for a EL team who should qualify through the groups this year, great IPD flip and should compete further down the EL line for PB with lesser competition.


    Angelino £1.60

    Attacking FB, posted some decent PB and Leipzig will have EL at worst case if they cannot clime out the group.

    Chilwell £2.10

    Again, attacking and goal scoring more than he did at Leicester, he is been utilised similar to TAA and Robertson in that he overlaps, puts crosses in and attacks the box. 23 yr old England International as well.

    Akanji 80p

    188 average PB over the past month, 25 years old and will only take a couple of PB wins over 12 months to post at least a 20% return without considering potential TOTM placement.

    Justin 65p

    This is my cheap alternative, not massive PB scores but watching him play he is following the FB model of being very attacking, with the bonus of English and EL.


    Maddison £2.26

    He was posting 200 base PB prior to his hip injury, he is now near full recovery and playing at least 70 minutes as he is brought back into the team. He is over FKs and corners and with a EL multiply he will compete on both a TOTM front and silver/bronze PB days. One big score and I think his price will easily reach £3+ again.

    Hakan £1.92

    AC Milan have been looking good with this guy running the show in the midfield, 153 average over 3 months but once he adds more goals or assists this will naturally increase.

    Pellegrini £1.25

    Seen by some as the next Pirlo, given the number 7 at Roma and their captain at a fairly young age. 169 month average PB, I think he is one for the near future and could prove a steal at £1.25

    Nkunku £1.80

    22 year old French International, on a lot of people’s radar last year.

    Yazici £1.10

    Early this season posting great scores, could be temporary form but time will tell.


    Oyarzabel £2.40

    Only forward I see real value in, Lewa, Messi, Ronaldo etc all provide too much competition in the forward category and are all too old to be included in my opinion as one day they cliff edge will come where they are worth 0p.

    Oyarzabel is on pens and performing huge scores in a possession dominant Real Sociedad side who also have the EL to compete in, at only 23 I see him as the biggest value in the line up.

    Thoughts welcome and I note no inclusion of Kimmich, TAA, Neymar, Teji etc :)

  • @Node Great post mate. Your method seems to be the safest way to make money from this product.
    Personally though I wouldn't bother with any defenders. There seems to be no consistent performers for PB and also way less likely to pick up any MB

  • @yobeautybetting thanks, I did ponder on the defence inclusion but justified it to myself that all categories pay the same PB win, star man and MB is just a bonus.

  • @Node good post. Gotta agree with some of these. Especially Akanji, Hakan, Yazici. All great value.
    I'd add in:
    Timo Werner. He's in form, picked up 4x PBs in the past 12 months with 2 star player. Will get MB playing PL too.
    Max Arnold. 3xPbs and 2 star players. Great value
    Gaston Ramirez. Can't work out why he's so cheap!?

  • @yobeautybetting disagree on this point - I think defenders offer great value. Robbo and Acuna have been very good for me so far and I think Akanji will hit over a third of his value in dividends this season. Not MB winners in general but Maguire has been fruitful in this respect.

    All positions have upsides but defenders are often much cheaper than their offensive counterparts. Look at how much the Sevilla full backs earned last season relative to their price - very hard to get that level of earnings up top. Bases tend to be higher than non-elite level strikers too.

  • @Neil-S I think it is because Ramirez is not starting every week and Candreva has diminished him as an asset. Bossed it last season though

  • @Node agree on Maddison, although I would given my modest holding!

    The big thing for me is Europa. When the knockouts come round he will be ideally positioned to benefit and Leicester will more commonly play on Sundays and Mondays, whereas the top players play on Saturdays around UCL games. He was unlucky to earn so little last season, given his base.

    All good calls.

  • @Node There are so many contenders so im gonna challenge myself to an alternative version with lesser known often cheaper players: will give 15 players as in FPL

    gk: Silvestri ( Verona)
    Silva ( Getafe)

    Def: gianmarco ferrari ( Sassuello)
    Perraud ( Stade Brestois)
    Di Lorenzo ( Napoli0
    De Vrij ( Inter)

    mids: Arnold ( Wolfsburg)
    Hoffman ( BMG)
    Canales ( Betis)
    Merino ( Sociedad)

    fwds: Kramaric ( hoffenheim)
    Barrow ( Bologna)
    Kulusevski ( juventus)

    i know some of these are very well known and by the way i rate all the names so far mentioned

  • @Node agree that oyarzabal is one of best holds on index

  • @yobeautybetting i agree to some extent but actually there are some great prices for defenders with good possibilities of pb. in most cases they are cheaper. i actually prefer midfielders but am disciplining me to add more defenders as i see value there

  • @Timmy agreed, I don’t think anyone in the Leicester team can compete with him for PB let alone the midfield so he will always be top earner in the team. Speculative bonus of transfer links and England call up too.

  • @Neil-S ramirez had some great performances last season. some very sub standard performances so far this season. maybe cos of team form. his pb for this season is only 40 odd but he is playing only about 50 mins / game. id love to see him get back to last years stats as i agree about price/ maybe this 5 sub thing has buggered things up a bit. mind you his pb av last season was only 80 so hes obviously the type who can get good peaks in performance. thanks for alerting me to his potential. i had forgotten about him

  • IF... I were to start a fantasy XI now based on the platform 'not' sinking and life returning to normal it would be...

    OBLAK (aged 27 still could get a move and keeps clean sheets at Atleti)

    TAA (high PB scores and FI darling still young enough for more growth)
    UPAMECANO (held before - touted for big things and will get a move soon)
    DAVIES (will be around a long time and is a superstar already)

    SANCHO (lowest price for a while and will prob get move to United for future spike)
    KROOS (PB master even on a bad day always picking up high scores)
    GREALISH (media love him and will always speculate over a move)
    BRUNO (United's star player which is usually enough on its own for a bit of MB)

    MBAPPE (the biggest young superstar will lead market in value until his next big move)
    KANE (England's skipper will always get goals and media interest)

    Subs: Rashford, Sterling, Haaland, Neymar & Pogba are two that would be more of a gamble but most of these players should be at the right end of the market values and in a 'growing market' will be the players that continue to grow the market the fastest!

  • my top dividend earner 11:

    gk: Bounou

    def:: nayef Aguerd/Arnold Souquet/ Ruben Aguilar/ Hakimi

    mid:bruno fernandes/ donny van de beek/alejandro gomez/joshua kimmich

    fwds: Harry kane/ Thomas Muller

    Subs : kylian Mbappe/ jadon Sancho/theo hernandez/ kevin de Bruyne.

    team very effected by 5 x dividend syndrome

  • The index 11.

    Keeping with the 3-4-3 used for the TOTM.

    With a mix of MB/PB & CA in mind I'd have to go with:-





  • @Ericali I like it, and with current prices the dividend return will outweigh any potential depreciation in a three year bet now. I for one am topping.

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