Why bid for 1%,when you can buy for 2% rebate?

  • So just looking at Bruno for example, and highest bid price is £7.10, his buy now £7.16. If you buy now you get 2% rather than 1% rebate from bidding and you get the share now, rather than waiting for it to be matched. The 2% rebate rather than 1% gives you 7p back so on a whole you've paid £7.09. Obviously doesn't work on all players but worth a thought to people bidding now with some of these spreads tightening. Might actually work out financially better, and also helps push price up.

  • @Tony23 2% would mean you buying at £7.02 , and 1% (on £7.10) would mean buying for £7.03 if you look at things that way.

  • Well it works on far too few players which is the problem. This promotion is trying to encourage it but there’s only a handful of players with spreads that it’s worth doing. Bruno being a case in point, but I doubt you could name another 10 right now.

  • I'm not scouting another 9, you're probably right though 🙈. Just don't understand the logic to not just buy now if the spreads are that tight. Each to there own I guess. 🤔

  • yeah basically works with tight spreads. im concentrating on those that i like with bigger spreads atm

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