Let’s hope tomorrow brings delivers stability and positivity to the market

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  • I’m sure most people have seen this image already ..... thought I’d share it for those who perhaps haven’t seen it

  • @Three-lions I'm actually a little nervous about this one. It seems alot is riding on it judging by the forum and podcasts this week. Can you imagine tiered PB. That would bring every player into play.

  • @AndydfopT I think they will be concentrating on what they have promised they will deliver, not something they haven't mentioned.

  • @Ericali yea I know. I was just dreaming mate. Still unsure even if they deliver on the promises how it improves liquidity.

  • Where have the tiered PB rumours/hopes come from? Feel like that is so far away from realistic that if people are even half-expecting it, we are guaranteed another announcement crash tomorrow.

  • @Rocky-Raccoon no it's not happening mate. Shouldn't have said that.

  • tiered pb is basically TOTM is which for me is best part of the product atm.

  • @AndydfopT Its fine, I wasn't having a go, just wondering if a user with a large following had stoked the tiered PB fire. I think based off of the API rumour/info, it will be market depth, portfolio calculations etc.

  • @Rocky-Raccoon I just cant see how implimenting the changes they promised makes a difference. I mean if we all know they are coming eventually why is everyone trying to leave. Perhaps I'm just too patient.

  • @G-France its not really tho mate . Totm is for consistency, where as literally any player can win PB. The more places available the more the whole market benefits

  • If anything, I think showing the market depth could actually cause people to panic.

    If people see there's lack of liquidity on the cash out side I think it could be the cause of panic. 🤷

    I think the best thing they can do is get rid of the 1p zone & leave us to trade freely.

    Surely after the initial drop then we will see increased liquidity.

  • By the sounds of things, tomorrow should just be a confirmation of the tech bits all going live, which is great news all round.
    I don’t fully understand how these announcements or pre announcements !!! stimulate the market activity like they seam to ..... I know it’s complex and could be anything from people un listing shares to market makers. More worrying is that people are actually pumping in money with the expectation of yet another boost or bonus based on nothing but speculation. From what I can see, a number of people actually ( rightly or wrongly ) feel that FI owe them something to compensate the last few months.

    What if this expected boost / bonus doesn’t come ?

    Could tomorrow see further drops ?

    Or will FI finally find the magic formula

    Feels like Christmas Eve and I’m six again

  • @Three-lions to me it feels like I'm waiting the results of some test. Iv rode out all the recent shit and held firm refusing to sell for losses . Seen 2 g paper profit disappear. I'm 500 down of my own money. I dont regret not selling but I do feel like a tit for keeping faith in a gambling platform lol

  • @Ericali absolutely, I think depth will cause a big panic.

  • Well I’m with you guys on this ... been slowly depositing over the past few months, going deeper and deeper in as the prices drop and appear to be amazingly value with dividends as they stand ... great value even if no no cap ap ever comes !!

    If it takes another dip I’m going to have to look hard in the mirror before I could comfortably lump in more money, ever reducing the cost of my portfolio.

    Would have to be a ballsy move if it goes south again.

    That being said ... at this rate we will be picking up players who could return 50% - 100% divs per season no problem

  • @Ericali

    I think of they continue woth what theyve said before i think the market will continue to drop; some traders think thats a good thing long term.

    With what you are suggesting that it should be a free market; there would be huge drops.. i dont think traders are ready for that!!! Lol. Even though longer term it might be a good thing.

  • Any potential drops don't bother me because I've only been buying players who I think will cover their price in dividends over the course of the 3 year hold anyway.

    I may not have got the "lowest" price but I know I've got a good price. 👍

  • @AndydfopT said in Let’s hope tomorrow brings delivers stability and positivity to the market:

    @G-France its not really tho mate . Totm is for consistency, where as literally any player can win PB. The more places available the more the whole market benefits

    I don't agree that the whole market does benefit from tiered PB, in fact I think it would lead to another crash.

    You have to assume that the total amount paid out in dividends would remain broadly the same. So tiered PB doesn't result in more money being paid out, just a different distribution. Presumably the cheaper players are the ones who'll benefit.

    This means that those players who are highly valued because they currently win a lot of PB will earn less and as such they will be worth less. We'll see another sell off at the top end of the market and because this is the most visible end of the market it could spark more sales.

    I feel like a lot of people who are asking for tiered PB are actually saying, we'd like the current payments to stay the same but for some extra payments to be introduced. So it's basically saying boost dividend payouts, which seems unlikely.

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