Time To Scrap The Bid Zone

  • All players should have a 1p lowest bid price

  • @roguetrader totally agree been saying it from the start

  • Its a plaster on the problem, its not the final solution. Low liquidity without limits would be utter carnage, far worse than what we've already seen. However the stagnant market is also a problem, although the lesser of two evils. The real problem is that FI are seemingly taking far too long to introduce other measures in order to allow the limits to come off or be eased.

    Personally I think its the right approach. Implement limits, slow down the slide, buy yourself more time to solve the bigger issues and to allow everyone to calm down so sentiment can stabilise.

    Given that FI are often accused of being irresponsible, I think its the responsible thing to do. There is a huge amount of traders who would sell up for awful prices at the first opportunity, when prices will be far, far better in 3-6 months time. FI are protecting those users from themselves. Thats how I see things currently.

  • @Rocky-Raccoon Market should not be run on sentiment we are approaching one of the busiest fixture time in the history of FI with loads of player being possibly eligible for up to 9 games in a 30 day window......get the money flowing

  • @roguetrader said in Time To Scrap The Bid Zone:

    @Rocky-Raccoon Market should not be run on sentiment we are approaching one of the busiest fixture time in the history of FI with loads of player being possibly eligible for up to 9 games in a 30 day window......get the money flowing

    True but FI is also mid-transition with its trading mechanic, liquidity providers etc

    You could argue that users should be able to take advantage of other users or simply trade freely, but given the desperate times we are in, that this is also a gambling platform, I think it would incredibly irresponsible and almost cruel.

  • @roguetrader Do we know when this 30 day window starts?

  • @roguetrader probably a very stupid question but what do you mean 1p lowest bid price ? Surely its the sell offer price that should be uncapped?

  • @Dragon4Life SUPER SATURDAY 21st November

    for example if you brought on this day a Bayern Munich player this day they are eligible for 9 games IPD.... do your own research on the fixtures

    I am calling it SUPER SATURDAY because their are 24 matches and it is also the last day to purchase share eligible for TOTMso someone posting big score BOOM!!

  • Thanks for the heads up mate!

  • @AndydfopT He means you should be allowed to bid whatever price you want for a player, all the way down to 1p if you like, rather than being constrained by whatever parameters FI currently set

  • @AndydfopT Both should be leading to a free market with true values of players according to demand but to many would cry foul if sell offer were uncapped at the moment

  • @roguetrader They might as well. Their current efforts haven't been too successful so best let the market sort itself out without artificial constraints.

  • Yea I see what your saying but surely the margin is wide enough. I mean I think some of the bids are so low already. I feel if you lowered them anymore its kind of putting a bit a pressure on the seller to accept. Some people need the money out the index and they will end up accepting a ridiculous bid. It would be good for the buyer but unfair for seller I feel

  • @AndydfopT I think the market is saying that the margin isn't wide enough. Take Dybala for example - I would be interested in putting a bid in on him but I have no interest in paying £2.89 for him which is the bottom of the bid zone, and clearly no-one else is interested in paying £2.89 for him either as he has no sell price. If there are people that "need" the money out of the index, or in this case Dybala, then at the moment they are just completely stuck - if there was a bid they would at least have a choice.

  • @Columbia yea I get ya point. Is it 10% at the minute, the bid window?

  • @AndydfopT No its all over the place depending on the player - I've seen up to 35%

  • I think most people are waiting to see the changes. Those desperate to leave have gone, lots of adjusted their portfolios and many just stuck with it.

    There's a big freeze on spend, with actually a couple of days of rises in the "footie", compared to quite bit, sustained drops recently.

    Let's see what tomorrow's announcement brings.

  • Fair suggestion, i think doing this would improve the liquidity of the market. Every player would theoretically also have a sell price so those complaining about the removal of IS should also be satisfied.

    Whilst we are on the topic though i wonder if anyone could enlighten me as to why the bid zones vary from player to player? As a quick example, Martin Odegaard and Gabriel Jesus both have buy prices of 2.19 and 2.18 respectively. So why then am i able to bid a minimum of 1.59 on Odegaard whereas Jesus the lowest i can bid is 1.69? I know its only a 10p difference, however i have seen much more extreme examples in the market. Some might not see this as a big issue but in times of negative sentiment like recently i believe it has the effect of giving some players the unfair disadvantage of downward pressure on their price. If bid zones do have to exist surely they should be set at a consistent percentage of price for every player no?

  • I think its a good idea to scrap the bid zone, but it would need to be done alongside an incentive to buy at the 'buy now' price i reckon. Otherwise traders will continue to drive prices down by lowballing bids in the hope of getting a bargain.

    If FI can introduce something that encourages upward momentum of prices, then the lack of a bid zone/limit isn't anything to be worried about. If they just whip the bid zone away without any plans for how to encourage growth in prices, then thats a little worrying.

    The incentive to buy at the buy now price would need to be equal to or greater than the benefit of lowball bidding and getting a bargain. No commission on buy now purchases would be a start (not sure if they're already planning to do this?), but maybe something to do with dividend eligibility, extended IPDs or a dividend bonus for shares bought at the buy now price?

    Anyone have any thoughts on what FI could do to balance out the current downward pressure on prices, which would be only exacerbated with the removal of the bid zone?

  • @Wotabeast you will never pay commission on buy now mate, that I do know. To be fair if Ipd was only eligible on buy now, I think that would be a great idea. I'm definitely in the minority for that tho

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