why the share jump

  • last couple days prices been going up again any ideas why the norm is for them to fall on international breaks

  • Big announcement tomorrow at 12..

    Hopefully, this will get things back on track so traders are getting early money in

  • @Myles2521 guessing a mixture of reasons based around the announcement tomorrow:

    • Scalpers buying early and then selling to the next group of traders who want to be in early
    • Announcement flippers
    • Some hoping the announcement creates a boost so buying prior
    • Some delisting in case the announcement creates a boost

    Also people get bored of a cash balance...

    Also buying the dip

    Im not sure id advise any of the above- i will wait and see what the announcement is, i think its just going to be new basic features...possibly theyl chuck a new bonus in too though. If its anything like new territory pooled liquidity, then those buying early now may be rewarded, but surely slim chances.

  • @Westy i have no idea but it has to be positive what ever they announce. Another flat reaction and sentiment won't turn until after xmas bar another announcement, and if that was the case they might as well get it right tomorrow.

  • FI HQ do certainly love an announcement ...... or just pre announcing a planned future announcement 🤯

    Fingers crossed they have it nailed on this time

  • @Roon pb footy returning may be enough to carry through a solid announcement of tech and OBs being sorted out, a clear new MB system etc... just think a lot of traders get all hyped up for these pre announced announcements expecting a lot more than they will probably get.

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