Your Portfolio - Light hearted thread amongst all the negativity

  • There is lots of bitching and lots of negative posts on here so just wanted to start a discussion about your Portfolio

    I have 28 people in my Portfolio and have invested £2000

    Biggest Holding for me: Kimmich I have 43 shares in about £250 in
    Biggest Quantity of Shares: Moreno - 200 Shares in him, cheap Betis FB
    Wildcard - Pogba... 45 Shares, Hoping for MB and Transfer to PSG
    Top 5 other picks i am excited about owning longterm are - Nkunku, Barnes, Oyarzabal, Szoboszial &Torres.

    Other shout outs to Left back crew in Guerrerio, Roberston & Chilwell

    Next person i want to add is Yazici!

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