• We're all getting downbeat about FI's latest 'announcement' but surely there are 'positives' from it?

    My question to you guys is 'what positives' do you see in the announcement if any? Is it all doom and gloom or from this, can we still make profit on our 'existing' portfolios and any 'new' investments we make???

  • Market depth visibility is definitely a positive, as is their decision to open the scope of setting offers, although this is likely to cause a downward trend and will probably be considered as negative by some, possibly many

  • https://footballindextrader.co.uk/2020/10/06/state-of-the-market-22nd-september-3/ This was written by football index trader last month, but still seems pretty relevant and sums things up much better than I could. I do think market depth and some of the new portfolio measures will give people a better understanding of how valued players are.

  • @Ecniv what we had in the past was in a rising market, down times around the closure of the season, April/May in particular and the summer months would be tough due to seasonal issues.... This is slightly different, as this has been caused (ok covid too perhaps) by FI implementing something very different to how the platform previously operated.

    Difference was before, spread would be wide at times but not ridiculous, whilst now it is ridiculous, so much so that it doesn't allow any trading!!!

    Previously when the 'top end' took a hit, it would be due to folk investing in the bottom end in search for more value, whilst i think now it is too risky to invest in the top end, and you won't be able to cash out should you invest at the bottom end!

  • @Ecniv Good read, I agree with a lot of what is in the article.

  • Still getting dividends!! Around £100 last week. Got Grealish and Upemecano for today hopefully (own Salah to but think he will be removed as its corona)

  • Dividends are the positive. From now on they are not going back in

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