Where is the liquidity?!

  • Essentially, I cannot sell anyone. I've had players listed for months now and it seems like the only option is to quick sell which will obliterate whatever profit I have left after everything went pear shaped.

    I'm not trying to exit FI entirely but I previously invested across numerous players and everything was great... then it wasn't. Now I want to sell up and then refocus on specific players. I have managed to offload around 5% of my players over 2 months. How can FI be viable if you are effectively unable to sell in any meaningful period of time? It even took weeks to sell Jadon Sancho and currently I have Alphonso Davies and Ansu Fati listed and am not getting anywhere. I could see logic with unknowns but these are players that should have tons of attention.

  • Same question for me. I was hoping today there would be an answer. Instead I'm just watching the prices drop and I cant do anything

  • They're also 2 players who are out injured and therefore not currently in demand, they'll both pick up more attention closer to the time they're set to return and you'll be able to sell, just have to sit tight for the time being.

  • The market is crap atm but it's not true that you cant sell anyone. Instant sell is selling someone at a more realistic price to someone else (although IS has dropped, for some, at a level not worth selling at). Why would anyone pay 1p less than the buy price for Davies or Fati?

    There are plenty of reasons to complain but not selling injured players at the buy price isn't one of them.

  • @Timmy mate I cant sell at IS ffs

  • Plenty of liquidity here.... diarrhoea

  • @Heinstein Perhaps bad examples... I've had them listed since before their injuries, and there are 30+ others I have listed too, including Leroy Sane.

  • Liquidity is a problem across the whole index & if FI were truly listening to their traders then they should know this already. IPD's are the only reason most players have any value at all (as most are unlikely to ever challenge for MB/PB/TOTM) so without being able to recycle & refresh, via a liquid market, then 85% of players are essentially worthless, as currently demonstrated by no IS price.

    There are many ways that FI could allow traders to provide that liquidity by freeing up the £100m or so invested on the platform but they seem adamantly opposed to doing so, instead introducing a buyers tax that will have exactly the opposite effect on liquidity - I really do despair with the quality of the people running FI.

  • @Timmy At present instant sell does not appear to be available but in any case, Davies and Fati were just examples... I didn't know they were injured and I do not believe they were injured when I listed them. I also have Sane, Gravenberch, Thuram, Aouar, Adli, McKennie, Dias and others all listed and NONE are selling... so do not buy that injuries are the issue.

    Given I cannot see the Instant Sell price (see above), I cannot analyse actual prices but how is it helpful to give us one option which is to sell 1p below Buy Price and the only other is a huge drop in price. The only thing I can think of is that the Buy Price shown is ONLY if you buy directly from FI rather than from an actual seller. If that is the case, then the whole portfolio balance system is completely flawed, and actually wrong.

    The reality is, FI have all these metrics to show everyone (and the world) how much money people are making. My balance dropped a load when I switched to midpoint pricing but seemingly that isn't even realistic, you need to base balance on Instant Sell price (which I doubt is even an option).

    Order Books should help to address these issues but I'm losing trust in FI.

  • @GeoffH Ah gotcha. I still belive its a matter of sitting tight as frustrating as that might be, they're both great holds & whenever they next post a strong PB score, you should have your opportunity to exit.

  • @Heinstein You might be right but I honestly own like 300 players (ridiculous I know). I had around 50-100 listed for a month or more and sold none. Most of them are fairly obscure youngsters that are just breaking through but there must be at least a single buyer for all of them and it seems crazy that Order Books is the only way I could sell to them.

  • Sorry this is just utterly depressing.
    Premiums tanking yet again!
    And even cheaper under £1 and under £2 players loosing value.
    You can only average down so many times before you start think where is this all heading 🤔
    I sensed this would happen today although i held hope it wouldn't.
    This is no fun for any of us now.

  • @Timmy FYI - I just cancelled my sell order for Davies to double check the Instant Sell and that isn't even an option. So I do find your response somewhat curious. I would say the ability to sell is the single MOST important factor in FI, what else could possibly be a better reason to complain than an inability to get your money? I actually wonder whether there is a legal issue in all this.

  • @GeoffH Davies has had a sell price this week - I've seen it there multiple times. My point was a simple one - don't put in sale offers for undesirable assets. The IS has been creeping down whilst you've been waiting, especially if it's months as you stated originally, and those funds could have been re-invested elsewhere.

    There isn't much liquidity in the market and FI has fucked up but it's also true that you can't expect unrealistic bids for injured players who are not in demand. You have to make the best of a bad market.

  • I just think all players should ALWAYS have a sale price, but I agree with your sentiment of trying to make most of bad market. And I get those two are injured but some of the others are a little more difficult to explain (e.g. they aren't injured...). I do think the adjustment of the Offer floor may at least give me the ability to sell, even if the price is deflated.

  • @GeoffH mate I don't want to sound harsh as I'm feeling this here as well but I dont realistically expect to see anyone using sell orders. The market is fucked. I just want to be able to IS. You can only use sell orders when a player is in demand and at the minute that is few and far between. I value my port on IS price cus that's what I can get right now. The problem is we cant get out. As iv said before I'm out of my depth

  • well, i usually made regular deposits...and on brown sunday and went a bit mental buying "bargins"

    almost? 2 months later im regretting having faith in this product and now lumbered with "possible" chance of divs,..no chance of selling,

    lost faith in the product, stopped putting in,...retail been shafted here for big boys to make a killing,

    for all LTHs i hope we get out in the green but FI have destroyed a really good product, leaving space for a competitor.

    my money is stuck here until the euros, ...then best of luck fellow mugs :'(

  • @GeoffH 300 players . Crazy .. you were better of buying a lottery ticket or playing bingo

  • @Doddy or buying every single player in PB leagues then guaranteed divs every week 🤣

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