Where do we go from here?

  • Todays announcement was a pretty clear signal to me that there is going to be no 'quick fix' to get the prices back to what they were pre-Black Sunday. The index is what is is now, and I am sceptical we are going to see any huge rockets until Market Makers are brought in to provide Liquidity - this may not happen for a few months.

    How are people handling Ports from this point forward? I have to admit I am at a bit of a loss. To me there a 3 options from here:

    1. Seal in Losses. Take the hit and restructure my Port to align with the new era.
    2. Wait it out. Sit on my Port, make limited moves, be patient and hope things naturally turn around in a few months time.
    3. A bit of both. Take hits on some players without a complete Port re-adjustment.

    I think this thread applies mainly to people like me who are still reeling from Black Sunday. It just feels to me that todays Announcement was a bit of a Bookmark and any hopes of a re-set seem very unlikely now. What is your plan going forward?

  • Option 2. Ride it out, enjoy seeing the divs continue to roll in and ignore port value for the short term.

  • I’ll get out if and when I can... then watch from afar.

    Easier & less painful to do a X amount double on a game, no squabbling on forums & all the other nonsense.

  • Down to the lake i fear

  • Going to have to see how FI respond to SS.. They simply can't sit on their hands. I expect every single one of them in a virtual meeting at the moment.

  • My plan hasn't changed a great deal - I'm continuing to invest in those who I think will make the most money. When their prices have dropped this week, I've topped up by selling someone who I think is, relatively speaking, worth less.

    I used the tactic on Grealish last week, when he dropped to an absurd £2.32. I sold some players cheaper than I would have liked to to enable it but it's provided a far more profitable return.

    A crash is shit but it's also an ideal opportunity to reconstitute the port. Everyone has players they regret buying - everyone has players who seem overpriced. Take their losses to get bigger gains. It doesn't matter if you sell a Gnarby share for £3.20 who you think is worth £3.60 if you buy three shares for £1.05 each which you think are worth £1.40.

    And worth needs to be based entirely on dividend earning capacity atm rather than a belief in capital appreciation - capital appreciation will come from dividend earning anyway. Don't bet on youngsters with no earning history or x getting a move from a non-pb league unless you are 100% certain - the market isn't moving in that direction. There is value in less risky options.

  • @O-Twist said in Where do we go from here?:

    What is your plan going forward?

    The only thing that can revive the market is liquidity & that can ONLY come from traders. LP1 is worse than useless as they neither understand their role nor have the firepower to achieve it, traders on the other hand do. We have approx £100m invested on the platform & if even only a small fraction of that capital was freed up liquidity could be returned to the market.

    Dividend yields are great but given 85% of players can only realistically compete for IPD's being able to recycle & refresh their eligibility is ESSENTIAL to allow the market to function properly. Non market refresh or buying/selling to yourself would both make these players eligible & in turn attractive to buy & hold, so would create demand & return liquidity to most of the index. FI are destroying liquidity with stupid ideas like a buyers tax & refusing to allow traders to fix the problem, despite claiming to be hearing our concerns. The only way to revive FI is by allowing traders to release liquidity & until FI facilitate this we're all F***d.

  • Option 2 without a doubt.

  • Option 2 no choice and the engagement ring can wait 😐

  • @AndydfopT the one positive 😉

  • @qwertqwert one for the kidz 😉

  • I think most will be waiting it out. We'll most likely see another drop when it comes in, but you can see that there are not too many keen on buying in with prices dropping so much.

    People will try out the new system with improved visibility are start learning when to buy and sell better.

    Eventually, we'll get to the point where it's worth putting the money in as a bet for the dividends, but it's a shame that we have lost (at least temporarily) the possibility to gain through increased player values.

    We might also see some other boosts as people try out the new system, but FI is so dependent on new money and confidence has been hit hard. Order books are much more complicated than the old system and it's a barrier to entry now.

    So far... there's not too much good that's come out of order books for traders!

  • I have been doing option 2, have just been waiting it out, my port is still at a huge overall loss. I have been making decent dividends however and thankfully have some kimmich who prior to his injury was always bringing in steady returns.

    I also have significantly brought my price of Grealish down from £5.50 to about £3.90 by investing more in him. I was one of the idiots who bought him at peak price while banking on Villa getting relegated and him moving to Manchester United. I have been aided by him having a great start to the season and breaking into the england team. Making some nice media dividends on him too so might be able to get out of him with minimal damage if his price continues to rise. Might even stick it out with him as with the euros and world cup coming up he could shoot up further as he is absolute quality and the media is a bit obsessed with him.

  • Option 2 - in the meantime using div payments and any deposits on topping up on PB winners and keepers which are cheap again, although bids have to be generous as they take a while or seemingly never, to match.

  • Option 2. Not a lot else to do. But will not be reinvesting any dividends there be going straight into my bank account.

  • just carry on as normal id say, Its a great time to buy. The football Index isn't going anywhere.

  • @NewUser491745 it’s quite clearly going nowhere. 😊

  • @qwertqwert I’m still laughing at this...😊 Partly because I had been listening to some of his back catalogue at the time. (It’s surprisingly quite good)

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