Making the Best out of the Crash

  • Guys, the market is shit. FI have acted poorly lately, incompetently really, and we are suffering because of their mistakes. This has been covered by others in superb detail and I've discussed it in various threads and my position re. the idiocy of buy commission is crystal clear.

    Despite all that, I am a firm believer that a crash can be used for your advantage and that selling and reinvesting is integral to that. Don't wait on sale orders for Davies - sell and reinvest money in players you think will earn you more in the interim (assuming that you don't want to leave FI). A crash is a perfect time to reconstitute your portfolio - to move out of those you regret and into those you like, especially with a 1% rebate in place. I know that's easily said than done given the liquidity problem and disappearing IS, but it's more than possible to do so with a little patience.

    Assuming that FI will be here in 3 years and that dividends don't drop, there is some incredible value on the market as well as some assets which still look overpriced and may fall further come next Thursday. But not everyone will fall and some could repay the initial investment in a year at current crash prices. I'm not all positivity and I fully expect further crashes in the next six months, but I'm also confident that money can be made from re-investment. I wanted to give my opinion off the back of some of the negativity on here and after a discussion with another trader.

    And just to be clear - I'm not saying to deposit. In the past 10 days my buys are £1317.89 from a £100 deposit.

  • @Timmy you do know that i cant do this as there is NO IS on half of my players. I know you mean well but I find it patronising. I want out of these holds but i cant. I'd love to take a big hit , yes some of this is my fault but when I bought these players I could see back at a loss

  • @AndydfopT fair dude, didnt mean to come across as condescending. My logic was that a contingent of people during a crash sit on players waiting for them to rise again, when more money can be made from reconstructing a portfolio and reinvestment. It came off the back of a thread about sale orders not being met.

    I am fortunate enough to have IS on all my players this week at some point but I am approaching too much from my perspective perhaps. Good luck with the sales - I am sure there will be more options come next weekend.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Timmy thanks mate , I appreciate it.

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