Santiago Arias

  • I've mentioned him elsewhere and responded to a few of you privately, but as his news develops he is probably deserving of a thread (and this way I won't keep repeating myself!).

    The day he was listed on FI (yesterday), credible news broke ( Di Marzio) of negotiations for a move to Juventus. This meeting between his associates and Juve has since been confimed by Sky Italia/Gazzetta dello sport/football Italia and Colombias football daily.

    Where is the value
    He is clearly a very talented player, who as a defender, performs incredibly well.
    He was voted best Eredivisie player this season on Opta stats alone.
    He will be a regular starter for Colombia at the WC
    He has told PSV he wants a move and told fans thank you for his time at the club.
    Colombia are looking strong for a decent run at WC.

    What are the concerns
    PSV have said they would first need to find a replacement.
    Dutch newspapers also been discussing how PSV want to shake the image of 'a selling club'.
    Unproven in 'big leagues'. Serie A would be a massive step up and those kind of Opta stats do not translate between Eredivisie and Serie A so easily.

    Where is he going
    Di Marzio suggests a decision will be clear in the next 10 days. Colombian media say 'before the WC'.
    Juve makes sense for many reasons. There will no doubt be interest from other clubs, but the Cuadrado link at Juve is a positive one, though somewhat intriguing- Cuadrado has been generally playing in the position that Arias would play. Whilst Cuadrado usually plays WB for Juve, he will probably play just ahead of Arias in WC.....would Juve be able to accomodate both thought?


    Santiago Arias has played his last game for PSV. Juventus seems a good option and is in motion, but even if that deal fell through we can expect other clubs to jump at this opportunity. That coupled with WC starter presents good short term value, but be cautious on the long term. Despite great performance Optia stats, these come with the caveatof being achieved in the Dutch league, where his next destination may be far more challenging to replicate such performances

  • @SambaStar a very in depth report there mate.

    Sounds like his career is on an upward trend and joining Juventus guarantees Wins and Clean Sheets. For me the crucial factor lies in a defenders goal scoring rate and dead ball involvement to differentiate them the rest.

    The likes of Cancelo rack up great scores and takes a lot of set pieces but don't score that many goals, Otamendi gets on the ball a lot and smashes them in, Kolarov is somewhere inbetween. Marcelo and pre-injury Alves are PB machines etc.

    If Arias bagging up better than 1 in 12 or a dead ball specialist then I'd say he's a huge bargain. Failing that he'll settle amongst Juve's squad full of defenders should he get the move and float around the 1 to 1.50 section.

  • Hope a few of you got in on this. Looks like the Juve move fell through for several reasons, then was in Naples but due to non-eu player rules and NApoli reachign their max, Diego Simeone took his chance. Big season ahead for him.

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