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  • My honest humble opunion.

    Traders who invested in the high end of the market a year or so ago, unfortunately for one reason or the other i dont see those players value rising rapidly although un the long run they may and also earn dividends along the way.

    However, if you start from scratch now, i cant emphasise enough how much potential there is .. i would stick tonthe lower end of the market amd there are absolute bargains to be had. I.e. players who regularly post good PB scores for ceazy low prices.. . One win and returns of 10 to even 100% ..

  • @Falcon chuck a name out as an example. Are we talking Savanier/Hakan as lower end or really low end like Delort?

  • @Westy

    Both. Hakan is great value so there others in that bracket range. When one mention names people think its a pump which is why ive refrained. Spinazzola of Roma is an example of a much lower one .. . I dont have the £ otherwise there r loads of players with amazing value as compared to the higher end. This is the very reason i feel higher priced players are deopping and lower ends have already stabalised.

  • @Westy Maxime Lopez has had a very good start to his career at sassoulo, was a shit hold at Marseille, but sassoulo style of play will really benefit him and has posted a couple good scores already, was very close 2 weeks ago to pb win on gold day, think he was 15 of winning, think he could be a great hold and is my regular top up

  • @MUFC agree - I got back in on him last week

  • @Falcon potential can be just as much of a problem as it is a promise. My hope is not about the price of players but that the 19th sees more liquidity.

  • @NewUser469373

    Ive been applying my strategy on this and ive been in profit with dividends and asset.. i could have sold many like Yazici (i did sell), bruni peres, spinazzola and others who have won dividends but decided to keep.. .so opportunies to sell wil also come...

  • I think some of those high end players might become value after Thursday.

    I've been here 14 months so seen a lot of highs and lows. I'm not sure the ride is going to get easier for a while but agree with the OP, if you're starting from scratch now and show some patience you should do v nicely for yourself.

    Personally I've seen 25% CA 'profit' reset to zero or a small loss, but the mismanaged change to order books + Covid is a historic combination that's not going to be repeated year after year. The div returns are fantastic and the concept is excellent so I am keeping faith - although the product does have some reputational challenges to fix. This may take a while but is doable.

    I sold up £1.5k of my port ahead of the announcement as I predicted it would be confirming measures rather than anything new, so I am looking forward to going shopping once the brakes are off on Thursday.

  • Never lol

  • Just kept trackers now of any premiums i want to get back on after next Thursday

    Though no point holding as they are only going to keep heading south for the next few days.
    There is nothing to stop there prices decreasing as sentiment is only on the negative side.
    After next Thursday its almost start from scratch again but i fear for those that hold premiums at once premium prices🤔

  • @Falcon said in Best time to invest:


    Both. Hakan is great value so there others in that bracket range. When one mention names people think its a pump which is why ive refrained. Spinazzola of Roma is an example of a much lower one .. . I dont have the £ otherwise there r loads of players with amazing value as compared to the higher end. This is the very reason i feel higher priced players are deopping and lower ends have already stabalised.

    Spinnazola and hakan are on the list to further top up.

    Been targeting the french league and full backs. Picked a whole load at very cheap bids and looking to see what happens next week to add more.

    With the ipds on offer over the next 2 months and dividend scheme as it is I can’t see them falling much further.

    Perraud - circa 50p
    Dubois - circa 40p
    Aguilar - 30-40p
    Hasan kamara - 26-30p
    Amavi - 20p 😳

    As you said prices seem to be stabilised for lower end compared to mid and premium. Even if these french full backs players fall next week I’m sure they will rise or I’ll be earning dividends. Load of ipd games coming up and it only takes a goal or two from the defenders for prices to rocket. Perraud being an example last week.
    Amavi for pb last week too.

  • Absolutely.

  • I agree the bottom end of the market is the best place for making profit right now.

    However, I'm wondering if the top end is as dead as people think.

    I mean I accept the removal of instant sell makes a big difference to the situation but other than that, what has changed in terms of players that have never been great dividend winners? Mbappe, Greenwood, Haaland just to name 3 but there are many others.

    Why did people ever buy those players in the first place if they win minimal dividends? That surely hasnt changed other than the fact that instant sell has gone. If FI can reinvigorate the market (however that may be) then surely things return to some sort of normal service that we were used to before.

    I'm not saying people should buy from the top end I'm just interested to see what people think.

  • @Stevo

    I think people bought thinking these players will continue to rise, however due to one reason or another they have now been dropping .. people panic and then sell .. .also a key factor is that their dividend return in comparison to their price is not high enough.

    But there definately will be a bottom price at which is what many traders are waiting for.. the drop will continue until then.

  • Sentiment is basically dead for any player over £2 and the bottom end under £1 are not pushing up trees with some of those in decline.
    The market until next Thursday is going to drop and we all know it.
    Never seen the index this negative and it's depressing as hell.
    You can't dress it up any different either.
    The premiums will have their day again (or some of them will) but now is not the time to buy.

    Those that run this company have had 2-3 months to stable the ship but each time they have tried to stable the ship it has listed further on it's side and we are not far off sinking.
    Next Thursday onwards is in my time on the index THE most important landmark and they have to get it right😟🤔🤞

  • @Stevo I think the top end always had a lot of hype/sentiment built in and with the security IS offered it was worth the risk, all it took was a goal or a dodgy transfer rumor for people to start piling in and the prices would rocket. In the new world players need to perform to support their value regardless of the hype that surrounded them this makes players a lot riskier driving the more expensive players down.

    I am sure players who can justify they price with div wins will rise again and prove value at their current price. I think a player whos price was built mostly on hype will continue to fall until they hit a price where people are willing to take the risk

  • I'm so depressed and worried about everything now. Iv done the decent thing and told mrs and close family how much I have put in and cant get out. Just to clarify this is all my own doing but this wasnt the index I deposited into 18 months ago.

  • @AndydfopT I'm sorry to hear you're so worried, hopefully it was a bit of a weight off telling people. If you do not mind me asking are worried because you need access to the money now or do you think that you will never see the money again? Fingers crossed it gets better but it is getting harder and harder to keep faith and anyone who put money in at the start of the year must feel well and truly shafted.

  • @AndydfopT

    I'm sorry to hear that mate.

    I've seen quite a lot of your posts over recent weeks and I echo a lot of the comments you've made to be honest. Particularly about not being able to IS many of your players. Do you 'need' the money out or have you completely lost confidence and think FI / your portfolio won't recover?

    Could I ask what type of players you purchased? Regular div earners or players like Mbappe, Sancho, etc? I don't know what the prices were 18 months ago but I feel sorry for anyone who's invested significantly in premium youngsters as surely those prices won't return for years.. it's caught a lot of traders out and I fully support FI offering some sort of bonus to compensate for the hit traders have taken.

    I started on here again about 6 weeks ago investing 6k and have 16 players currently (9 I can't IS even if I wanted to). Fortunately I've mainly invested in PB players and at the top end, I've probably picked the safest holds in Kane and Messi. My first pick (and biggest regret to date) is Havertz who I bought at 4.65 (i'm over £200 down on him) but i'll certainly be holding him for the foreseeable as there's no chance i'm ISing him.

    By next Thursday, I fully expect most of my portfolio to be in the red but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel and i'm happy with the yields I would expect to earn on the prices I paid, albeit not the lowest - I think that is what the focus should be now and not how your portfolio looks day to day as it could make anyone emotional and do something they'll regret which is what we're seeing (i.e. panic selling).

    As long as you don't need your money out, try and sit tight mate. It'll come good eventually.

  • @NewUser346198 Look at how cheap Vardy is for example.Sure to cover your initial stake for dividends in no time at all

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