** The I'm going / selling up thread **

  • Just sign and go, nothing else required 🖊
    Keeps it all in one place, and F.I can see...

    (I'm staying BTW 😇😎)

  • perhaps we can talk about the psychology of needing to tell as many users as possible on here when deciding to leave.

    im joking, dont want to get anything right and hit any nerves...although they shouldnt really be reading if theyve left

  • They want their little 5mins of glory

    while telling everyone else they are leaving / have left / want to go

    just go

    other users don't actually care

    I wonder if these people go online to tell everyone when they switch energy providers, or change phone contracts.

  • @kaka8 I'm staying but I think bemoaning the current negative sentiment of those who feel let down by FI is turning a blind eye towards their ill thought out strategy re the NASDAC roadmap. Since brown Sunday there has been a lack of consistency and mini changes that backtrack and make the punters evaluation of a their bet a gamble on a gamble. FI have naffed it up and all I hope is that they read this forum and see the discontent. I trust they have the minds to fix it, but perhaps they don't care anymore. Otherwise, I'm picking up Sancho for 30p in January.

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