Rubens Semedo

  • As there are opportunities to invest, because of lower prices, appreciate your thoughts on the Portuguese defender Rubens Semedo (Borges) who currently plays for Olympiakos but is rumoured in the papers to be a target for Liverpool to cover Gomez and VVD.

    At 33p a pop (jumped up 2p a share in the last 7 days) he is not a lot of money and if the rumour mill is right could be on the move in January? He also is in the Portuguese squad so has the Euros to look forward to and at 26 about the right age for 3 year investment, maybe??

  • Just googled him and realised its the dreadlocked guy who when he plays seems to do well in fairness!!!

    Always a 'gamble' these types of player... I held Ruben Dias a couple of seasons back on the basis that he won't stay at Benfica very long and will get a big move to England... when he did eventually get that move I had long cashed out, and regardless his movement and hype was minimal in any case....

    With Semedo, at least you get to 'pump' him whilst he's at a very low price so 'low risk' as a gamble... But could quite easily (with most Olympiakos players) end up at Nottingham Forest which will keep his price hovering around that 33p mark for a bit longer yet!

    Worth a quick hundred shares though as relatively low risk and won't cost you much even if you are forced to cash out for free in three years time!!!!

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