If you had to pick one team...

  • If you had to pick one team across the five leagues and buy every player in that team, who would it be and why? Rennes for me (only have Guirassy at the moment).

  • If your talking risk vs reward I'd say Villa

  • You can't look further than Chelsea

  • Sociadad, top of la Liga, multiple potential transfer target, chance of europa league win.

  • Liverpool .. Ok you'll have to wait a fair few months to reap the benefits šŸ˜ˆšŸ˜‚

  • Bayern Munich

  • Man Utd

    Plenty of youth, plenty of stars, plenty of dividends and they're the most written about club in the country because they have the biggest fan base and therefore a higher percentage of FI users are Man Utd fans than any other club.

    I think they're due a good run too. The start to their season has been rubbish but that probably means some of their prices are lower than they could be after a run of good games.

    Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 17.44.49.png

    I fancy Spurs to have a helluva run too, probably win the Europa and then sooner or later Jose will self-destruct, no doubt turning one of the Spurs bunch into a major celebrity in the process.

    And Chelsea seem to have everything working right for them. Clean sheets galore, goals galore, exciting players who are still making themselves known to the majority of football fans like Ziyech, who some might have heard of but probably haven't seen much of him.

  • For PB and IPD it would need to be Bayern for me

  • @Dan-The-Man if poch went there Iā€™d be all over them

  • Hard to see past Bayern or PSG - both teams are packed with proven PB winners across all positions, are capable of totally destroying teams in their respective leagues, and go to the quarters/semis in Europe on the regular.

    My less obvious shout is Villarreal. Think they've got some cracking PB options and guys like Dani Parejo and Pau Torres have picked up wins already this season.

  • Probably an Out their choice, But surely the best pick would be a team with a reasonable chance of getting promoted to a PB league from championship ect.

    As the rise from a non - PB to a PB will be greater than any rise in player performances.

    But then again you would get more return on a bet to be promoted than the players rise probably.

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