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  • Im looking to buy shares in Messi £4.50 seems cheap with the dividends on offer. Would you buy now or wait?

  • @Luke-k said in Messi advise:

    Im looking to buy shares in Messi £4.50 seems cheap with the dividends on offer. Would you buy now or wait?

    I would buy now. He could fall further on Thursday, but with the handbrake being removed on that day, he could rise considerably as he is that rare breed of MB/PB king.

  • The million pound question! I think £4.50 is a great point of entry for a player capable of earning most of that by the end of 2021 - It's certainly better than my average cost of £4.97! He might drop to £4.20-30 but at some point people will start piling in because the GOAT is the best pb hold on the index with media on top. If he signed a pre-contract agreement with City in January - and it is a big if - it would not be surprising to see him at £6.50, and he will probably earn 50p-£1 by that point from the PB and media. Even if he stayed at Barca, he will return comfortably more than his current price. And atm there is no buy commission and a 1% rebate on top.

  • As above mentioned, he could either drop slightly further on Thursday/Friday, rise significantly or remain stable. Reason I say drop slightly is because I genuinely can't see him dropping below £4, so even if you do buy now you'd most likely miss out on maximum 50p.

  • @Luke-k Honestly if i was you I'd wait until Thursday next week or a day or so later as its far too risky to try and guess the bottom at the moment.
    We all know his divs potential but that is not holding his price up at the minute.
    Once the tide turns and the soft money is gone then messi and anyone that can deliver pb potential will rightfully have money ploughed back in to them.
    There is an awful lot of money waiting to be put back in the index but now isn't the time😉

  • Can get him for £4.47 now

  • @nicky540 how low does it go?

  • Messi has 1 maybe 2 more seasons at Barcelona before he rides off into the sunset as the greatest footballer of all time, lots of people think he will be smashing a thunderous free kick in against Barcelona in a CL semi wearing a Man City shirt which is beyond sad but it does at least offer a little safety net that you could probably get out of him because of this idiotic belief, so he’s probably not a bad hold because of this @Luke-k

  • @Luke-k Hard call don't forget buy tax comes in tommorow so at £4.50 a share you will be paying an extra 9p a share Also he is currently 2nd in the MB Table so if he stayed there that's 4p a share you earned as long as you buy before 4

  • I've bought in to Messi at 4.43. A good price and who knows where the bottom is? Hard to assume he'll go much below 4 and wanted to avoid the 2% commission on bids. Lost a lot on Mbappe taking money out from 10.5 to 6.5 - maybe this is a way back in.

  • Thanks all for the advise im going to wait a little longer i think 2% commission starts on the 19th

  • No joking here. If Messi drops to £4, I will be topping up another few thousand, without question. Easiest 100% return on the Index 👍🏼

  • Surely people are losing fortunes IS Messi at these prices.. can’t understand it.

    I think he’s a great price at anything from £5.50 or less. I get why people may want to hold off to squeeze some extra pennies off the buy price but realistically, whatever you get him for now is a great price.

  • @Sol said in Messi advise:

    No joking here. If Messi drops to £4, I will be topping up another few thousand, without question. Easiest 100% return on the Index 👍🏼

    Deffo. I've recently started putting my portfolio in order of who's won the most dividends. It's a great reminder of where the value is.

  • If bought more of Messi today

  • just bought half of what i intend to buy for 4.21 see what happens over the next week before i buy the rest also done the same with Kimmich and Robertson

  • @Luke-k If unsure mate give it a hedge. Buy a few now, and a few Thursday. So if you want a total of 100 shares, maybe buy 20 each day up until then?

  • Exact same question Im asking myself, when is the time to pounce?

    Ill be honest I have no real fucking idea, as this shit is anyones guess right now.
    What I will say is this if you get Messi for under £5, I see that as the safest hold on the index tbh.
    You could try and hold off and see if Messi will be part of the Thur sell off, tho I dont think I see him being sold off, I see him as one of the few everyone will be trying to get some of that freed up money into.

    Just IMO, make of it what you will.

  • @Kanzz There's so many who are value right now, I saw Neuers IS had dropped earlier and was at £1.25 was tempted to sell (which would have been at profit) and buy back in..... Wish I had as just seen him at £1.08! Thats crazy, Other premium players like Messi are also fantastic value right now, just a case of judging who is best value!

  • @Lillychar1216 Yes the value is everywhere, but Messi is like one of the few holds that is almost so sure thing, I dont even see it as gambling tbh.

    I can speculate about top youth who could return insane ROI all day long right now, but if your looking for a sure thing, a solid work horse to bring you in divs on the regular, Messi under £5 is a no brainer.

    Hell I could argue with Messi under £5, makes the index a whole lot simpler for everyone, as hes just about as close to a sure thing you can get right now.
    As CA is fucked right now, but divs are real juicy and Messi gets plenty of those lol.

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