New article: Reaction to the most recent announcement.


    To me, its a more positive article than our recent FI ones due to one action in this announcement by FI.

    Although, half my money still feels trapped and I do worry about that, I'm am fully considering putting back in the other half I had withdrawn. It really is a "back the product" call to make now. There are obvious players heading towards very nice buy points which should make them as low risk as you now get on FI, so the risk largely is in the future of FI. Quite a few traders I know are ready to rebuy if people do offer low buy points.

    Will you be a buyer or a seller come Thursday?

    Whether it be bids offering you an out or offers offering you an in, good luck all on Thursday.

  • @Westy skimmed it quickly, one point I'd raise @Coriolanus about purging old/non pb players is that in the ts and cs, it states that any player who hasnt played PB eligible football in the previous 12 months can be they have the power to do it, the same as 3 year expiry, but they choose not to do it.

    One problem I could see with removing players is the I'll feeling from users if they remove a player and lose their stake and then having to ipo the player again due to transfer to a PB league, or involvement in another international tournament etc

  • Really the issue is FI went from propping up a market, to then also causing an inflated buy price.

    It really changed the rules of our bets, as 1yr ago you bought a 20-30p player knowing for sure if it didn't work you could sell for 10-15p, now about half those players don't have a sell price.

    Whatever about buy prices collapsing thats not really the problem. Having no reasonable sell price for a chunk of players is.

    FI if they really wanted fix this would prop the markets up a touch.

  • @G-France out of all the promos they do, I wonder if an IS December promo would do well?

  • @Westy similair thoughts to @Ddr on this, Carrasco for example left and came back, not sure it fits right with me people losing their money because of a move to China unless the shares expire after the 3 year period (once actually implemented). IPOs needed but as mentioned Market is too thin at the mo, don't need a reason to stretch it any further. I don't have the spare cash to react at mo so just gonna sit back and watch. I do actually believe the buying LP100 was doing was to get shares out of the market tbh, sort of makes sense in my opinion considering what they were buying and where.

  • @Westy said in New article: Reaction to the most recent announcement.:

    @G-France out of all the promos they do, I wonder if an IS December promo would do well?

    Yes it would be lovely, even if to some degree there was terms where we have to put some back into market and has to stay there or cant be withdrawn for so long or something along these lines. Little harder to implement that sort of thing here i guess but can imagine it being done somehow

  • @G-France it should be a problem that only exists for another week or so. It should be feasible to sell once this version of what they're trying to call "order books" is implemented on the 19th.

  • @UncleBeard very much hope so, i'm still getting my head around things now, like in old way you could make fair guess of shares in circulation.

    But in new system how does it work? are FI minting new shares as we buy? and are any share been deminted like in old syste,?

  • Just looked at Bruno and the floor bid is about 25p higher than I got him for 3 days ago. Really do think once this floor is removed we will have a storm and then shoots of recovery, but as mentioned in article, to ensure this. Think FI need to chuck a buying sweetener in... They can just cancel one of the many promos they've probs got in the calendar to pay for it, then remove more promos if it works.

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