If it goes bust

  • How much would everyone lose if it does? I lose about 15 grand

  • @NewUser332703 only gamble what you are prepared to lose.

  • Why would it go bust when they've reduced their liabilities and are raking in commission?

  • FI wont be going bust anytime soon but that said, I think the remote possibility of it down the line has to be accounted for in our player valuations and I dont think any dividend increase next year is guaranteed. Buy commission is coming in because they need money.

    We are the ones being fucked at present - FI will be earning commission from all these sales. It will get better within the week though imo and there is undoubtedly tremendous value across the board now, even if this value seems less attractive during yet another crash which invokes concerns about FI going bust. FI have to address these confidence issues.

    I have a little in my account but no idea when to buy as the extent of the drops keep surprising me. I expect this is true for a lot of us.

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