You ain't going nowhere!

  • So you mean to tell me you are leaving the platform and are going to wait until the market drops, cash out and go?

    Two things:
    Chances are you have some floaters in your port. Someone who you bought because pretty much everyone was a winner pre-covid. Mine are Troost Ekong, Vukasin Jovanovic, and Henry Onyekuru. Even if the price dropped on them massively, who is taking them? At a push, if I could do it all again, I'd maybe buy Troost Ekong at 5-8p, but the other two?!!!

    Say you cash out your last few dregs (if you felt so strongly about it, you would have cashed out most of your holds when they had sell value over the last few months). You are now sat with a hefty pile of cash and Prime Minister in waiting, Marcus Rashford, 7 months before a major tournament looking at you with his £3.80 face.
    Then who struts in? Romain Perraud wearing his 6 goal involvements from 9 games pants, with I'M A FUCKING DEFENDER tattoo's on his face. His shirt number? 51p. And .... Is that the top scorer in the Bundesliga for 55p??? Adam Cole saunters in wearing a Versace Robe, and starts throwing money at everyone. "Lads, here's your Christmas presents"

    When the night is over, they are all going home with you.

    Don't believe the hype, most aren't leaving, it's like the hotel California in here, they are merely restructuring and trying to claw back a little of their fragile ego in the process.

    Onwards and upwards, I am sure I'll be arguing with the ones who are 'definitely leaving' but sticking around a forum to talk down the product that they have no money in because they banned from Mumsnet when Greg Clarke got offended by something they said

  • Good post! I think anyone who leaves now must either be needing the money(may be some because of covid) or they are just plain crazy! I wish had more cash to put in with these silly prices on very good pb players!

  • @NorfolkCanary I'm the same I've got a eye on a couple players im not going to go mad I'm just sticking to players that are in Euro comps and players who are going to the euro's i personally feel a little change as fans being aloud back in to matches and ease of lockdown will improve the platform as the feeling normal returns people's mind set

  • I sometimes feel like I'm in some sort of 'cult' and however much I try, however much I want to leave... I know deep down that i probably never will!

    The beauty of a gambling platform is that gamblers will be addicted to winning... and when they are losing they'll want to recoup their losses even more so by winning it all back!

    I don't see 'cutting losses' as winning, so i'll be more happy to stick around until those losses turn into wins!!!!

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