• 33% of my portfolio is in grealish. Average buy price £2.89.

    I assume he, is going to be killing it in the media, for the next year or so. Anyone who is better value for money?

    No abuse people, genuinely looking for good opinions.

  • I brought in a couple of months back and of a reduced portfolio whittled down to around 30 different players he's actually the 'only' footballer i can instantly cash out on today and take a profit!

    I think he will rise in value, if the market survives it will be a small batch of players that continue to grow and he's in it... I think any young player gifted player with speculation on his future will always create media buzz interest so whilst at Villa he'll always be a target for 'bigger' clubs and whilst he's a target for 'bigger' clubs it must mean he's playing well which also enhances PB opp.

    I actually brought him for the international breaks when i 'presumed' he would have a good run for MB and he's not let me down!!!

  • Glad I bought Orlando bloom a month ago

  • @NewUser332703 said in Grealish:

    Glad I bought Orlando bloom a month ago


  • I'm heavily invested in him as I was banking on villa getting relegated last year and moving to man united. I've been topping up to bring his price down and his average price is about 3.90 for me now so still at a loss but raking in media dividends.

    I expect his price to drop after international break so will top up again then. He is the new pogba in terms of media and I'm confident I will make my money back on him with interest.

  • Grealish was one of my biggest investments during the first part of the crash, when I was I able to get in in the 2.30s. I think he is a great long term hold although I sold, perhaps prematurely, 40% of my holding to enable investment in players dropping like a stone.

    He will do really well out of media but, unlike some others, has an increasingly excellent pb game. His average for the new season is brilliant.

  • Not sure on him really...

    His media seems a bit circumstantial and will be hard to win pb if he stays at villa. Think there are surer value picks. Not sure what you can get him for as he actually has sensible bids.

  • @SDOAFIT said in Grealish:

    Not sure on him really...

    His media seems a bit circumstantial and will be hard to win pb if he stays at villa. Think there are surer value picks. Not sure what you can get him for as he actually has sensible bids.

    I agree he is definitely much more a media hold than pb whilst at villa. He will always be likely to win media divs during international breaks as is the main man now. Also whilst still at villa will always attract transfer speculation especially if he keeps up his form and has a decent euros.

  • Sold today. Even without the incoming shitshow on Thursday, his price always drops after international breaks.l due to the media having something else to talk about I'll miss a couple of divs and buy back at 2.60 or something.

  • Bloody love FI, more divs to come today, nearly £200 in two weeks for doing nothing. Have Greelish, Pog and Bruno top three today. Hope they all stay top three, will do me nicely. Crazy to sell up and leave if you don't need the money in your bank. 🚀

  • Loving Grealish divs at the moment, he is becoming the new poster boy for England and this will result in soooooo many media divs. Won top media 4 out of last 5 days I believe.

    Last few days his name has been everywhere, I put on the radio and they are comparing him to Gazza with the euros to come and then transfer speculation in the summer I honestly believe JG is one of safest holds on FI right now.

    Prices may be dropping but divs are instant cash paid out daily straight into your account.

    Someone tell me im wrong?

  • I've made 30 p a share 130 plus a good div a last week or so hoping to buy back at 2.90 a share maybe lower if the boo boys ask correct on a Thursday dip

  • @Sill7 exactly. I know ato of people feel screwed over but for those of us who are newer to the platform its great.

    I have made 4% of portfolio value in about 10 days (and that takes into account that I bought a lot of duffers to start).

  • Honestly any new people coming on here now are going to have a field day. The ones who have stuck with FI , me included, have been shafted big time. I cant adapt to the changes as my money is stuck. Wish I was new to this. Better still I wish I stuck to my weekly acca.

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