You Are Adam Cole...

  • You have the chance to hit RESET and start Football Index again... You are Adam Cole, how do you make a 'better' environment so that 'everyone' starts winning again?

    One letter I wrote to FI the other week was to 'simplify' the product more.. I don't like the bid/order feature, I like to buy and sell instantly so that is what I would like implemented, with the option perhaps of allowing you to buy/sell if a future hits a certain price, like an alert to purchase... But... My main solution was to scrap the 30 day goal dividends and PB/MB days for a MOM style solution which would award one winner in each game of the PB leagues a dividend payout. So basically whoever gets man of the match in each game, you are paid out on!!!!

    This I feel would create a 'more' active market as investors/gamblers take to individual matches to see who has best chance of returning dividends (invariably Harry Kane/Lionel Messi scores 2 they would win but in a 0-0 a Burnley defender would be more likely so those clubs with better goals against like Atletico for example would see rises in defender values).

    Picking man of the match for example ahead of Newcastle v Chelsea on Sat you might see price rises for Werner, Ziyech, Havertz etc..., For Villa v Brighton Grealish's price might go up, Tottenham v City you might invest in Kane or Jesus? or even a cdm like Hojberg or Rodri thinking its going to be tight?

    Not saying these answers are perfect, but by not paying out on every goal scored FI will 'save' some funds back whilst paying a moderate more spreadable dividend that enourages a wider range of investment???

    What would your 'great idea' to improve FI be?

  • @dannypea should have just left the product alone...maybe limiting the shares available for each player so that they were covered dividend wise

  • @dannypea said in You Are Adam Cole...:

    What would your 'great idea' to improve FI be?

    Resign along with all the senior management team, fantastic product run by absolute clowns.

  • @dannypea said in You Are Adam Cole...:

    My main solution was to scrap the 30 day goal dividends and PB/MB days

    PB, MB & IPD are the only thing that gives players ANY value, without them they are literally worthless. Good luck with the MOM idea though.

  • @R9inter left the product alone since 'when'? there's been a lot of changes on it since even the days i started investing on here!!!!

  • @Geronimo159387 no need to be a c**t about it!!!

    It would be a remodelling of PB... i think IPD is a cheap shot at 'trying' to create a turnaround of investment (otherwise we would all just sit on our MB/PB holds) but I wouldn't 'scrap' MB... I would just offer 'more' PB opps whilst trying to balance the books financially!!!!

    After all... We 'ALL' have to make money for it to work!!!!

  • @dannypea never introduce OB and never remove IS ....
    Does that make more sense

  • @R9inter that i completely agree with!!!

  • @dannypea yes but would have been important to have a market cap limited shares available so that the platform could be sustainable

  • Permanent IPD to stop everyone trying to sell at the same time. But if your going to keep the 30 day rule at least give the users the expire date / active status without buying an external subscription.

    Do not show market depth.

    Restart the market from the average of the sell/buy price and only allow offers in a 5 p spread of the two points. When the more buy offers than sell offers the mid point rises a p. When their is more sell offers the mid point falls a p. At midnight GMT.

    Allow 24 hour market access.

    Put each league in their own Performance Dividends with different returns for different leagues about how competitive the league is, league 1 PSG Pub stomps so less divs, Premier league more competitive so higher divs. (Too offset the risk / uncertainty of performances)

    Allow all leagues to have some returns. Scottish premiership maybe all positions at a 10/5/2 (numbers picked out my A**) then English League 2 1 position top score for 1p no matter the number of games.

    Media tired to the country (although I personally would abolish it completely its a football game not a celebrity index) where english teams would be judged on the sun/star/bbc/other terable uk papers. French sides in their seperate table judged on what ever their french site are!

  • @dannypea

    IPD is literally the only reason 85% of players on the index have any value at all, as they are unlikely to ever challenge for PB/MB/TOTM, without it they are worthless & you revert to the old FI (where MB was the only dividend) & restrict it to 300/400 players maximum. FI are in a healthy financial position (they have to report this to shareholders) & don't need to "balance their books" atm, sorry to hurt your feelings.

  • The damage is already done. An option would be for them to re-introduce instant sell until everything is in place, so that everyone can get out of sells they are desperate to exit. A good number of us would still, despite all the doom and gloom, jump into cheap options elsewhere, leading to more activity. It would be a real hit to FI but a much needed one for investors.

    The dividends are fine imo. In the long term I'd like to see 3 places per position per gold day, 2 per silver, 1 per bronze and POTM tripled. But realistically, they will not have a great deal of a money to play with at present.

  • @Geronimo159387 you've not hurt my feelings, I just don't agree with your stance that 85% invest on the basis of receiving IPDs because I for one don't give a crap about them.

    I'm trying to 'create' solution, not argument, if you feel FI are in a healthy position and and they don't need to do anything to 'save themselves' right now then ignore this thread or just say 'everything is fine'... Tbf i thought your first answer was reasonable enough though!

    So on that.... Why should anyone 'resign' if the business is in a healthy financial position??

  • How can everyone win again .. crazy .. there has to be losers and winners ...

  • @dannypea i dont think he said that 85% invest because of IPDs but that 85% of players only have value because of IPDs.

    So many strikers, in particular, would be useless holds without them. Even someone like Muller, who has a creative element to his game which suits the matrix, will earn more from flips for IPDs than PB in a season.

  • @dannypea said in You Are Adam Cole...:

    Why should anyone 'resign' if the business is in a healthy financial position??

    I'm a shareholder so get to see the financial statements & just because the platform is in a healthy position financially (which it is currently) it doesn't automatically mean that it's being run competently, professionally or efficiently; in fact I think most shareholders, traders & neutral observers would admit it could see significant improvements to the way it's being run atm & that's a fairly generous interpretation.

    AC & his team have done a great job getting a start up to the position it was at in Jan 2020 but they have struggled since CV hit (clearly not entirely to blame for that difficult backdrop) but the platform is now clearly at a crossroads & a very relevant question is; are they the correct mgmt team to take the product forward, given their recent track record? I suspect very few observers could answer that categorically yes.

    On the 85% of players currently on the index, so 3000 or so give or take, who don't stand a chance of winning PB/MB/TOTM; how would you value them? & where does their dividend income come from, upon which any valuation is based?

  • @Geronimo159387 i don't think you read my idea correctly... i wouldn't get rid of IPD's... I would simply remodel it, so that it covers a 'wider' range than strikers that score goals, midfielders that assist goals, and defenders that keep clean sheets and who can nick a goal... by having a man of the match from 'each' game in a PB league... and I would also 'increase' PB leagues to have more games, more players, more income... It's just an idea.

    You should know more than anyone about Adam Cole who I thought 'had an original great idea' and went to press with it, implemented it badly and rushed everything through to the platform we have today... Really do the users of EToro or Betfair for example talk about issues with the mechanics as much as we do on FI??? I doubt it....

    The problem is certainly with the people that run the product, they seem to have a great idea and push it through without long term thought, everything grows rapidly and when it flattens they think 'fuck' what next.. Ridiculous amounts of money has come into the platform but we still have a platform that isn't up to the needs of its paying public which is largely the biggest issue. Throw all the money you like at us on a 30 day basis... we still want a sustainable investment otherwise we might just as well go down to the bookies and stick £100 on Lewandowski scoring for Bayern!!!!

  • @dannypea like the mom idea. Personally hate Ipd s but thats cus I'm shit at refreshing

  • @AndydfopT I think the IPDS idea is so confusing... who's assisted what? the goals thing is simple... clean sheets, did they play... it's not even listed on FI so nobody knows who won what until it hits account!!!! This team of the month thing is a joke... how do you get in that??? who is in it? i've never even seen one, just woke up one day and had more dividends paid (presumably for Messi)!!!!

    I've always thought a simple platform would work well, then slowly implement more ideas to increase investment potential but it all gets too confusing for me the more that are added..

    Invest in good players that are undervalued, sell at their peak... timing essential to make money... is it that hard to get right?

    All for daily dividends to keep investment rolling in, but perhaps giving 365 days instead of infinity on bets (they don't have a clue if its 3 or 4 years after all) would encourage us to trade our own investments when the time is up! Detailed reasons to invest would at least offer 'incentive'.

  • @R9inter what would be the point, say Sancho couldn't go past £10, who is going to be the final person buying those shares, no one is who as you will be buying him for what exactly at £10, no cap app and you'd have to go some to make decent profit in divs. The thought is good but in reality it just couldn't and wouldn't work

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