Share split?

  • Only half joking here, but would it be such a terrible idea to have a share split right now?

    Players are plummeting, with the highest price player under £8 (Unheard of months ago in the recent £14 days!). So plummet them some more' double everyones ports and allow for growth!

    If you have 10 shares in someone who is currently down £5 on what you bought them for, would it help to say you have 20 at a £2:50 loss instead? I'd feel more confident and would buy more shares at the lower split price (Who wouldn't?). It would allow for more growth if the current prices are the accurate value of players, and new people would sign up surely for the value!

    I know realistically there's no chance of this currently, and I'm sure its a terrible idea for many sensible and real reasons, but I think this is a quick (artifical) market stimulus that everyone could get behind and would really help. Plus it basically costs FI and us all nothing right?

    Fucked if I know though tbh. I dont really know what FI is anymore or how it gets out of this slump anytime soon. We'll see on Thursday I guess.

  • @Leighton said in Share split?:

    Plus it basically costs FI and us all nothing right?

    Wouldn't FI be paying out dividends on twice as many players?

  • so

    The keeper I have for 14p.....I get 2 @ 7p ?

    and can then earn 2p a clean sheet on them, maybe top keeper too for a 50% return per game

    FI will jump at that proposal

  • @Honeylight yep but we do need an incentive to buy more and attract new users? Thats one!

  • @Leighton terrible idea, shares are already in abundance atm

    In the current climate youd be better off with a reverse share split

  • @Honeylight no, theyd reduce div amounts if they share split so that the liability dividend stays the same

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