Is this worth Trying????

  • I am guessing that between regular forum users and the discord group that collectively there are literally 1,000's of shares in hundreds of players listed for market sale.

    If we were all to delist at roughly the same time we could possibly change the whole sentiment of the index. As prices would rise and there would be some green on display.

    This would not be market manipulation as shares listed for market sale are currently doing absolutely nothing and we would not be doing it for any underhand purpose.

    However if by delisting we created positivity it could maybe change outlook of many casual users and create liquidity which the index needs.

    There would be nothing to be lost as you could list again at any price you wanted.


  • @Fletch would only affect players where the offers cancelled are in the lowest 900, theres no guarantee it would have any effect on prices but it could be an interesting theory to test with 1 or 2 players, would likely need to be premiums though so that the combined user base have sufficient shares

  • @Ddr

    I am sure there will be a lot more than 900 shares in most of the top 200 listed between us all

  • @Fletch yes but would they be in the lowest 900 shares on offer though as unless they are then delisting will currently have no effect on prices

  • It’s been talked about before. But if the traders at the moment don’t want to pay the bargain prices on offer. Then they will not pay more.
    We all have to except the recovery will take a while but will come. But we need FI to stop there patronising statements and and commit more. Tired dividends would go a long way to help.

  • @Ddr

    Yeah that would be the thing we would not know but if we managed to change a few players prices upwards maybe it would trigger a few other traders to cancel sales and that would hopefully snowball.

    My view is that there would be no harm or risk in trying

  • @Fletch I thinknif it was to be done, then the best time to do it would probably be wednesday afternoon, that way if it does work you'll get the rise through the evening prior to the updates. If it doesn't work when the market then opens after the update on the thursday morning, the ports will default setting to show your port as average of all traders shares on offer, so having cancelled all the offers may paint a rosier picture as soon as market opens and that causes a shift in sentiment

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