Messi sell price

  • Sell price currently listed at 4.22, but when I try to bid it won't let me bid lower than 4.49. What am I missing?

  • It's old bids left in from when his buy price was lower. Messi's buy price saw a big rise yesterday so there will be a lot of bids from before this that haven't been cancelled yet.

  • The lower bid you are seeing was placed but not matched when his price was lower at some point over the last couple of days. There are currently no bids within the range for his current price so the lower price is now showing as the highest bid. Hope that makes sense

  • Cheers all!

  • ** or it could be a team drop (two people working a price down as described on twitter) to put a bid in lower then removing their sell orders so the price springs back.

  • Iv been watching messi sell price his sell price is (£4.41 - £100) his sell price went down to 3.98 then went up to 4.27 then 4.32 can some people place there max bids lower then the min buy price?

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