Are keeper's still the way to go?

  • Alot of people seemed to think that keepers were good value to invest in, do people still feel that is the case, or is it more sensible to invest any money into the so called "premium" hold's considering their prices at the moment?

  • It's a good question. I think they're still solid value, but for the time being I haven't been topping up. There's just better value elsewhere. The plus side is some of them are so cheap that surely they can't drop much further. Although I am a little worried how the 2% commission may affect the ability to recycle for clean sheet ipd's

  • @Christoban Yes there is that plus side, but as you say will be hard to recycle, I suspect it will be the top keepers that are worth holding, and others may drop off a bit more. Question is would you rather buy into Donnarumma for example, than Neymar? Considering the latter is more likely to win MB, and PB, plus a gold day keeper is 3p compared to the 14p Neymar would get, and then the keeper is extremely unlikely to win star man, where as Neymar has a far higher chance

  • The yield for gold day win for both of them is actually almost identical at current price. I would argue donnarumma is more likely to win a gold day simply because there's less players to compete with. Although as you say chance of star man bonus is very small for the keeper. And I also think Neymar has the potential for a rise in the short term if Thursday isn't a complete bloodbath. Back from injury, hadn't been playing amazing prior, lots of fixtures etc, and Neymar is who I'm eyeing to top up. I do hold donnarumma, but I actually think the best value, assuming it's possible to carry on recycling with ease, is in the cheaper keepers that are in European competition. Can get many for under 50p via bids.

  • @Christoban Oh I agree much easier to recycle the keepers than the more expensive players, And yes are more likely to get a gold day due to less competition and not getting taken off, just thinking longer term aswell, they not as likely to return any MB, guess it's all up in the air as to what will happen. Maybe the next month or so will give some sort of idea. Those keeper's in CL/EL action are all great value, especially if they will be #1 for their country in the Euro's next summer

  • Yeah who really know what's gonna happen over the coming week. The uncertainty isn't helping that's for sure. I feel like I'm reassessing my definition of value all the time.

  • @Lillychar1216 Look at it this way, you have your premium players like sancho who has dropped from circa £15 to £8.

    You have premium Goalies sat around £1.40 market buy. BUT alot of the gk's are dropping from their price a couple of months ago.

    Why? I don't know. People selling at a profit, freeing up cash to buy into Messi, Kimmich Lewa and Kane.

    In a market drop like we are now, if a GK dropped 1/3rd of his buy price it would be pennies rather than pounds like Sancho and they will still be earning dividends.

    They also rarely get subbed like outfield players.

    If you don't make money with GK's currently you should perhaps go and play bingo.

  • I'm not sure that they are the way to go but I think there is some fantastic value in gks. I've been buying (modestly) into Courtois this week. I've been in and out in the 50s but been investing regularly at 49p, which seems insanely low to me. The IPD fixtures are not great but I think he is capable of TOTM at one point and should, barring injury, be a good Euros hold.

    I'm sure there is equal if not more value elsewhere in the GKS and they sometimes fly under the radar. Certainly a less fun pick however.

  • May sound a little odd but I’ve been topping up on Kepa recently at 24p on bids. Still young a move to any decent pb eligible side should see a rise. Not a pump as such, not interested in selling until he moves but just an idea that there are keepers aside the obvious choices that could be profitable

  • Keepers have been the last to drop so will probably be the last to rise when the index wakes up again.
    Keepers are so easy to refresh and cheap enough to hold good numbers.

  • Keepers used to be easy money simply with the refreshing for IPDs. Not convinced any more with the extra 2% commission on buys. Doubles what you have to bring in to make them effective. I'm going to be watching this space closely

  • I suppose the best thing about keepers is the price... So low price = low risk... 100 shares can be no more than £50 in some cases so a couple of clean sheets in your first month and you'll only risk losing £46 which in the grand scheme of things isn't that bad!!!!

    Best case scenario you actually get to 'sell' for a similar price in the future and you might even make £4!!!!!

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