IPD refresh

  • Got a few low cost player that I would like to refresh for IPD but most have no sell price. it a shame two holder that both hold the players can't arrange to buy and sell back to each other and only lose the 2% commission.
    I was just able to do this with nico elvendi more luck then by arrangement selling about 50 then buying back and listing again and so on. Managed to do about 300. In 5 mins.
    Would like to do the same with a few others. Boubacar kamara and Luca pellagrini just have to be carful no one jumps in that just want to sell.

  • Yeah this does suck. I've been struggling with my keepers. Alisson in particular has absolutely no sell price and I've been having to pick off individual bids.

    The option to simply refresh shares at the click of a button would be nice, not having to worry about selling them to other people or anything like that. Can see why FI would be reluctant though, as it just makes IPD harvesting easier and costs them money. Hopefully they'll decide that doesn't outweigh the benefits of a user friendly platform

    On another topic, Luca Pellegrini is a very odd choice to refresh for IPDs...

  • He was just the player under boubacara also jose Gaya Saul niguez Marc cucurella. got a few.

  • It would nice for us but likely less so FI. It’s almost a certain profit for the trader with current prices. If prices rise the commission might get closer to the ipd liability. If they introduced a button Id expect it at 5%+ commission

  • @Webbinho well it will be 4% from tomorrow so 5% sounds good to me!

  • @NewUser218220 if the spreads are tighter you could potentially market buy and sell at Less than 5%. Almost certainly during the 2% rebait.

  • @NewUser218220 Hopefully you didn't make a loss when refreshing those players for IPDs, I'd be surprised if any of them will score goals and seems like too much of a risk.

  • @Zizou 2% so worth the bet in my opinion. 1 assist and I'll be up. All have a few games so not to risky. We are all still here so we all must be happy with a bit of risk.

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