Media Dividiends Update / Covid Stories

  • I am chatting to Live support about The Corona Cases and this is what they have said:

    Thank you for contacting Football Index, I hope you are well today.
    Do you mean articles stating that a player has covid being rewarded with media points ?

    Yeah i had read that any stories regarding Covid wouldnt count to a players MEdia points for that day?
    Yet yesterday Willian won with covid stories and Salah covid stories just taken him to first

    They sometimes get credited points but then they will get removed at some point during the day

    But it paid out yesterdays top 3 this morning already
    and they werent removed?

    Let me take a look, one moment please.
    okay thanks

    Bale and Willian were top 2 and they both had Covid stories

    Ok. Salahs from today I can flag up to get the m removed.
    Let me see about yesterdays.

    for example
    Daily Mirror

    80 points
    Tue, 17th Nov 16:43
    Gareth Bale suffers coronavirus scare ahead of Tottenham's clash vs Man City
    60 points
    Tue, 17th Nov 16:16
    Gareth Bale reveals coronavirus concerns after Tottenham teammate Matt Doherty tests positive
    Also - Talksport

    40 points
    Tue, 17th Nov 20:50
    Arsenal winger Willian ‘has to return negative COVID-19 test before he can rejoin Gunners’ as trip to Dubai raises questions
    Daily Mail

    40 points
    Tue, 17th Nov 19:07
    Arsenal winger Willian 'will have to test negative for coronavirus before returning to training'
    for Willian
    Ok I can flag these articles up but as they have already been paid out dividends it may be to late to reverse the decision, but I am happy to raise it for you.

    I only say it because i hold Messi/Grealish/Pogba who would have been Top 3 i believe and i see a lot of concern on the forums

    I understand, obviously we monitor this but with so many player getting or being linked with covid these days it is very hard for all articles to be spotted. As I say I will raise it to the relevant team to see if they want to make any adjustments for this.


    Okay if you can check, I know a lot of people on the forum are questioning the Media Divs/stories

    Yes I will raise this issue and see what we can do for you, we do have a new media monitor being released soon that should hopefully be a better version going forward.

    Ah great when is this being released?

    It is in the final stages of testing so no release date as of yet but I don't think it is to far away.

    Okay great, this month? next month? rough estimate?

    This has not been confirmed yet so I can't put a timeframe on this for you.

    OkayOf course not

  • Good job raising that with them mate. Need to keep on at FI about things like this, it's a joke.

    EDIT: They've removed Salah's COVID points @Dragon4Life - guarantee they would have left them on there if you didn't say anything!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Not going to be popular with Salah fans Haha

  • @Dragon4Life said in Media Dividiends Update / Covid Stories:

    Not going to be popular with Salah fans Haha

    Well, you’re getting a round of applause from me! Thanks for doing that 👏👏👏

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