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  • Yes... Wait 18 months.

  • @Shaun442 yes you should be able to

  • @Shaun442 who do you hold and when did you join?

  • If you feel you're going to lose 75% why not leave it?

    We've had massive changes here in the midst of a pandemic and it's hit hard.

    If the system stabilises and recovers and these vaccines work, there'll be more money flowing and when people see the rises they'll be back in quickly.

    If you don't need the money, you may as well stick with your bet.

  • @Shaun442 completely depends on what players you hold and how many shares in each.

    If you hold decent PB players then I wouldn’t worry as there will always be decent demand out there but you will need to check the top IS price on a daily basis and take the top price as and when you feel comfortable. It’s a long process but in the end you should be able to sell for 70-90% of the current buy price.

    I only hold sub £1 players but even some of mine have had a decent IS price in the last month. For example, sold a few Spinnazzola for 43p (48p buy price?) and a few Perraud for 77p (90p buy price). I could now buy back for 35p and 60p respectively.

    Be patient and only sell for a price you are happy with and pray your players perform on the pitch as this will provide another exit opportunity.

  • I’d at the very least let it ride to the Euros mate.

    I don’t know what your portfolio looks like or what prices you paid for your players but .........
    You’r probably just one FI bonus / promotion
    ( which they fucking love to frequently roll out ) away from probably, at the very least cashing out with most of your money back.

    Unless you piled into Sancho !!

    If you did that, in my humble opinion, you’ll be waiting a long time to see him back up to the prices he reached a few months ago.

    Best of luck to you. Personally I think FI is close to being huge now. ( perhaps by the Euro’s or maybee as far down the road as the World Cup )

    Sadly, It’s taken some casualties along the way.


    Personally I’m here for the journey 👊

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