The market is moving!

  • At long last, I have managed to off load a few players! Time to pick up some bargains

  • @Deano4dawin Might be worth waiting a bit, price movement is very volatile at the moment. I'm just gonna sit down with a cuppa, light a fat one lean back and watch the fun!!

  • @Lillychar1216 when you say volatile, do you mean dropping 😄 thats what my portfolio appears to be doing again.

  • @Stevo yea same , gone up 400 and down 500 , still no bids on half my players. Its early days , very early in fact but no liquidity is really beginning to piss me off.

  • @AndydfopT so down 100 then. Surely that's better than you were expecting with everyone predicting an instant price crash?

    Once games start going again, decent players will rise to the top, and any rubbish players, well, then why shouldn't they drop?

  • I woke up with no players but a value of £5,000,000! It's gone down some since then, unfortunately!

  • Market is so fucking shit right now, market is only going down

  • Shit Sunday Part 2 for me :-(

    Gonna keep my head in the sand for another week or so, then I'm going to have to accept its shit holds and either I have to hope the market changes in the next 2 years or just hit the red button - take the kick to the balls and start over again.

    Decisions, decisions - only myself to blame - but I believed in my strategy and tweaked in where I needed to, but it seems I was always behind the wave.

  • @Millerman the thing is its not yours or my fault. A 3 pound player should have an exit even if it 1 fucking p

  • @NewUser395079 I just want an exit on holds and that's my only issue. The market is fucked I can deal with that but not being able to trade is unacceptable

  • @AndydfopT Which players? Surely they're not dead, and just a case of waiting for every dog to have their day?

    If you want out so much, you can't fully expect someone else to want in...

  • @NewUser395079 I'm not going down this route as I think Dan the Man has covered all this but the index has fucked us over. How can a 3/4/5 pound buy have no exit lol

  • @AndydfopT They don't now while everyone is trying to sell... But they will have an exit... When there's a demand for that player. That's how trading works...

    Unless they're absolute garbage, there will be a demand for them at some point, when they perform well, and you can sell...

    If there's no prospect of them performing well, then you're fucked :)

  • @NewUser395079 I'm no expert mate by any stretch but I'm pretty sure I could buy shares in anything and sell even at a massive loss

  • @Deano4dawin It certainly is moving, down £147 since 9.00am. However, I am going to keep the faith. I am sure my shares in Raheem Sterling will bounce back eventually!! Remember it is a 3 year bet!!

  • @Stevo Well what I was looking at was going up and down like a bloody yoyo! But yeh all seems to be going down now.

  • Yes my portfolio tanking even further

  • @AndydfopT said in The market is moving!:

    @NewUser395079 I'm no expert mate by any stretch but I'm pretty sure I could buy shares in anything and sell even at a massive loss

    Just an opinion but if you've some holds where there's been no IS for a considerable amount of time like I've had with a few players, try and hang tight till the football resumes this weekend.

    I think many traders may have lost sight of some of these players true values and don't want to be the first to make a bid in the hope that they continue to fall which won't be the case at some point. With matchdays returning, you'll probably be able to exit these players in the next couple of weeks and if they perform half decent, maybe with a better exit price than you were expecting.

  • @AndydfopT

    It's liquidity that you're requesting; & yes without it the market can't function properly, as you point out decent players with high values need to be tradeable even if needs be at slightly lower prices but when willing buyers can't trade, as most of their holds are stuck in the illiquidity mire, even a small number of net sellers will continue to crash the market. This simply destroys market confidence & sentiment & leads to a negative, self fulfilling vicious circle that will ultimately consume itself.

    The solution can & must come from traders themselves but the starting push needs to be facilitated by FI actions, unfortunately they are run by a bunch of clowns that either can't recognise the need for urgency or are refusing to initiate the necessary triggers, traders can & will act to save the market but need FI's help to be able to act. I no longer believe that this risks long term platform damage that is clearly already happening it only really remains to discover how serious that damage is going to be & consequently how long a delay to any recovery is being inflicted by FI's woeful platform mismanagement.

  • @NewUser346198 thanks for the advice mate. I will be doing this. Too be honest it's not that I'm in a massive rush to sell its just the fact I cant is the real issue. I know this is the market now, I know iv fucked up to an extent but seeing no IS just makes the product look lame. How FI have let this happen is beyond me

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