IPO Preview - Monday 14th May - Surprising Contenders

  • Evening all,

    When you first look at that list you'd be forgiven for thinking what's the point! However, with the help of Google more than Whoscored for a change there's a few sneaky bargains that will interest the Scouting Traders amongst us.

    First of all there's a goalscoring flying Peruvian Winger called Edison Flores who's got bags of potential at 25p. Currently playing on Denmark and will be hoping to damage them in their WC group. You'd expect Peru or Denmark to be challenging for 2nd spot although it seldom works out so obvious does it!

    Next there's an Egyptian called Mahmoud Hassan with a flourishing reputation. Rumours suggest he won't be returning to Anderlecht and looking for a move to the Prem. Apart from Black Friday he's the first 20p player I've been interested in and could see some serious % increase from such a cheap starting point.

    Tomorrow's star player could well be Sardar Azmoun and I'd take a minute to read the Bleacher Report on him. Dubbed the Iranian Messi/Zlatan (say what!!) and if he's anywhere near as good as or better than his compatriot Alizera Jahanbaksh then he'll be another big mover. He's priced at 40p which stands to reason if you read that report.

    Then you've got the Swiss old guard of Fernandes and Behrami. Neither are prolific scorers but they do feature regularly for the highly ranked Switzerland team. From watching Fonte and Pepe shoot up I should imagine there's a good 40 % on offer here too especially as they're still in PB eligible leagues with Eintract and Udinese. Djourou is also Swiss but doesn't float my boat.

    Last but certainly not least is Fabricio Bustos. Promising links to Bayern, goalscoring rampaging fullback who's started Argentina's last 2 games. 30p is very cheap could well see an Arias type jump.

    Good luck trading folks!!

  • Not getting involved with that again when there are better players a little more expensive but I don't miss out after seeing adama make stupid money and the Aussie strikers I'm gonig for safer ground and steadie growth

  • Each to their own mate, no-one's forcing anyone to get involved in the IPO's but the simple fact is that they are a great opportunity for those who want to get in early on potential stars and profitable for a lot of people.

    These previews are intended to provide an insight to people and predict who will rise as well as helping people avoid buying into somewhere who's "probably" worthless.

  • I understand from comments people got burnt last week, but I'd suggest the first 2 @Agatello has previewed are worth a punt, Flores was linked to Seville and Valencia earlier in the season and a move into the top 5 leagues should see a decent boost. Also Mahmoud Hassan was being touted as Mahrez's replacement just over a week ago -



  • @AT10 Indeed, they are still incredibly cheap at the moment. I suspect they'll continue to rise as people start researching who they are.

    The shocking factor is that they only jumped as much as the Saudi fella! Riddle me that :-)

  • It's disingenuous to say the current IPO process is profitable for "a lot of people".

    It's probably profitable for a small number of people and a waste of time / money for the majority.

  • @Agatello Bustos seems like the best one to go for at 30p.

  • @ocs123 How can that be disingenuous when "a lot" is completely subjective?

    I'm not going to argue with you as it's obviously a sore subject for you but the amount of people that signed up 2 days ago and whinge about IPO's, like they should have a god given right to be at the front of the queue when the shop opens is quite frankly annoying.

    Whether I write this reviews or not the IPO's are NOT in any shape or form going to appear and rise slowly for people to cherry pick the best prices, the amount of complaining makes me feel like saying "do you know what, don't read the thread or do you're own ****** research"

    Rant over!

  • @NewUser59855 Yeah hard to see where he'll settle, it looks like he's got better attributes than Tagliafico and could be better placed in terms of Transfer Activity - linked with Bayern rather than "just" signed for Ajax. Hmmm I think he should at least match Arias myself!

  • @Agatello keep them coming pal! It is appreciated by most! Forget the bitter ones!

  • Yes the research is appreciated here. Where I've found it useful is not in trying to make massive flip profit on the day of release but getting in at an OK price and holding long-term prospects who slowly rise months later.

  • Done a video on the price rises from last week and weather its worth buying in to these world cup IPOs


  • @Agatello I remember in the early days of IPOs you posting and thinking ''No!! please don't tell everyone'' and again last night I hoped you were busy :-D

    However that said, you've brought to my attention plenty of players I'd have missed when I didn't have time to do my own research, so if you ever get the feeling it's not appreciated then go down the Noir route - I'd happily pay a couple quid a month to get an IPO preview email (food for thought!)

    For those who are anti-IPO then feel free to ignore the posts.

    But I'd say it's worth figuring out what you think is a reasonable price to pay for the player before the IPO, if you can't get them for that price then just let it go!!! And before everyone assumes I have a super fast connection etc. I bought Adama for £1.30, why? Because I decided 'if' he ends up at a top 6 side the single name / PB buzz / transfer rumours make him worth £1.80

  • Good insights here. From S. America Flores and Bustos certainly present value.
    Neither will be at current clubs come September.

  • Forgot to say earlier that if you can get in early on Bustos then do so, but worth remembering he's a right back being linked to Bayern - he's not going to dislodge Kimmich in a million years!!!

  • If you are still holding Bustos, be sure about your strategy with him. I don't expect him to make WC squad.

  • @SambaStar why not? Hasn’t he stared the last two matches?

  • I bought Bustos despite vowing never to buy an IPO player again.
    Missed getting him early but bought 10 futures at 59p.
    Bought him for transfer rumour reasons which make up the vast amount of my portfolio.
    I think he may drop initially but will rise in the summer when the rumours start

  • @R9Kennard
    Leaked squad yesterday did not include him. Strange I know.

    You bought the top, pretty much. But it's exactly that sort of strategy I was talking about. If he is a summer hold for you, you could be alright with an eventual move which seems very likely. I just dont see him getting immediate WC gains (especially if he doesn't make final squad).

  • Argentina 35 just announced.

    No Bustos.

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