Some positive mood from a newbie

  • Hi everyone,

    I joined FI about a month ago (good timing......) and in the meantime I have carefully followed the forum.

    Just want to tell you my humble impression: today is the first day that I really feel like I am participating in FI.

    Naive opinion: after a few days / weeks, when those who want to exit some investments will have sold (even if at a loss), the market will stabilize and prices will return to reflect players' value.

  • @FCIM1908 to be honest I think 'any newbie' should remain positive as its all those older (or mid-term) 'gamblers' who've enjoyed years of our balls being tickled, who are used to getting greedy that now does not have it all our own way.

    The new era will take over with a new game and a new philosophy, people like me have to 'adjust' whilst anyone new can simply, buy in, with strategy, to benefit from dividends and slower than previous growth.

    I think today is a good day for the future investors of the platform, although it is a bad day for anyone that's invested money into the platform and is currently sitting at a loss! I think the 'game' will remodel itself and the dividends on offer will speak for themselves in the long run.

    I just hope FI can stop twatting around with the product now for a couple of years at least!

  • @FCIM1908 yeah great time to get in, prices are cheap so percentage returns on dividends are high which is great. Market crashes is where we can make alot of money, not instantly of course tho which is what most people want.

  • @FCIM1908 Hi, welcome to FI and more importantly the forum! Glad to see some positivity from a newbie. You're obviously sensible because you have a username without having to be asked to create one.

    Great time to join, because you won't be holding animosity for the changes made recently, and you have a great chance to grab some bargain players.

    Hope you've done your research, it would be interesting to keep us updated on your journey, let us know who you've purchased, what your strategy is and so on.

  • @UncleBeard Thanks for your interest!

    The premise I want to make is that, being young and with little money available, but very passionate about football, I decided to interpret FI mainly as a bet on the medium-long term. For this reason my main holds last month were Zaniolo (serious injury), Milinkovic Savic (who in my opinion is very underestimated in the platform) and Carlos Soler (premier rumors for the future).
    However, I made several mistakes: I diversified too much by buying too few shares of too many players for less than 50p and now I'm trying to sell, in order to focus on a few holds.
    Other mistake: I am Italian and I have focused too much on Serie A players who have very little liquidity in FI (e.g. Caprari, which is good for in-play dividends but makes no sense afterwards).
    But from now on, if you want some advice on Italian players, you know who to ask :D

    Today instead what I did was topping my main holds (SMS and Zaniolo) and buy a good amount of Dybala shares for 2.35. Do you think it makes sense?

  • P.s. sorry for my bad English, this forum could be a way to improve it

  • @dannypea true dat.

  • @FCIM1908 Okay, good to know, and your English is good, I'm a foreign language English teacher, so trust me when I say there are plenty on here with terrible standards of English, it's a safe place to be.

    As for your holds, I hold a fair few Italian players myself, if you are low budget and want to keep it Italian, try a few of these:

    Simon Kjaer 21p great player and undervalued
    Nikola Maksimovic 14p and links to premier league
    Gianmarco Ferrari 18p can't go wrong, in a solid team
    Leonardo Spinazzola 37p solid player in a great team
    Gianluca Mancini 31p same again, great player undervalued

    Some great profit makers there, but also try some outside Italy, like;

    Dominic Calvert-Lewin 1.16p he will fly, young and English and gets MB too
    Danny Ings 63p injured for two weeks or so, and will fly, plus MB
    Koke 32p great for dividends, in a great team, and undervalued
    Jordi Alba 42p great player, divs, good PB scores and undervalued
    Pique 22p he will return 100% in 3 years at that price

    Dybala is good, but with low returns on PB and overshadowed by Ronaldo, plus if you're low budget, try to stick with players around 50-£1.50 mark, so not to damage your portfolio.

    Unprecedented times at the moment, so play it cool this month, and wait for the market to find it's feet.

  • @UncleBeard Thank you so much!!

  • @FCIM1908 said in Some positive mood from a newbie:

    P.s. sorry for my bad English, this forum could be a way to improve it

    you're doing just fine so don't worry about that.

    I read your other post about the low price players you bought. That's not a bad thing. If you bought at 50p there is only so low they can go.....people who bought Sancho at £10+ are in a worse position right now. And if your 50p players have just one good weekend and a high PB score you will see a good return on that 50p.

    Now.....if you can find the next big Italian star than nobody else values yet.......:)

  • @dannypea couldn't agree more. I wasn't here for all the old crap so for me the platform seems great. Especially with these changee.

    I think the old lot were used to over inflated, only rising prices in which everyone was a winner (except FI?). This seems more realistic

  • @Munchie63 good point!

    The problem with Italian young players is that they usually aren't on the index! Here you can find mainly the inflated ones, like for example Vignato (very good player but at the moment not a bargain).

    Someone I'd like to buy:

    Scamacca - Genoa, 1999, first Serie A season, very good striker
    Rovella - Genoa, 2001, Inter and Juve links
    Pobega - La Spezia, 1999, first season in Serie A, scoring midfielder on loan from Milan
    Lovato - Hellas Verona, 2000, linked to big teams

    About IPO's.... when we will see new players in your opinion? There haven't been any since I'm here

  • @FCIM1908 I think IPO's will be a while yet as the market is low and that would only take money from other players to put into the newly listed ones....dropping prices more.

    I think a big issue is that Italian players tend to stay in Serie A where they can earn more than enough. If they came to PL they would rise more.

  • @Munchie63

    True! Imagine if FI expanded in Italy: IDK if it could be legally possible...but surely there would be a lot of liquidity more! :D We are 60M of self-styled football coaches
    my curiosity: do you know if FI has ever talked about the possibility of expanding into other relevant markets?

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