• So today is a new day... all before it is irrelevant, you've put in what you have, you've taken out what you did... How now do we make this work???

    Well I won't be investing today.. I had a few dabbles at the lower end earlier in the week but i'm staying away until the market settles and 'finds itself'... After all.. I already 'hold' good players so don't 'need' to gamble on too many more.

    the 3 year bet thing has never been more relevant for me,..,.. FI 'want' trading but I believe 'holding' is the new trading... Because 'IF' you believe in a player enough, they'll come good and earn the rewards for you to reap.

    So those superstars in the red... RELAX and hold them for as long as you can... Because FI will 'keep' paying until the day you cash out... so try and make that day as long as it can be!!!!

    That's my strategy.... WHAT'S YOURS???

  • @dannypea gonna try and create a side pot of small shares players with outlying sell order prices and dependant on how prices move on performance, either look to sell at profit or bank some divs.

    Still an unknown until match days start, but have picked up some small amounts of Hateboer at 48p(current best sell offer 57p), Zentner at 18p(best sell offer 17p now), and Cragno at 25p (42p ) today. I am happy with that do far after picking up Souquet for 23p, and some el-nesyri at 50p earlier in the week.

    How this little side pot performs over the coming weeks will decide my overall strategy

  • @dannypea that's what I will do. I just need to stop putting any divs back into the market.

  • @AndydfopT putting divs back into the market isn't bad if you can earn more divs through those you put into? but i'm 'sceptical' yet of putting any divs earned into 'top end' players until the market 'finds' who actually warrants being top!

    My point... I think 'young, dividend winning kids with big futures' are safest bet right now... as they will be kicking around still in three years where we hope to eventually gain profit (if FI makes it through that long)... I did a short ten man watch list at midday today based on players i don't own who i want based on the above credentials... Foden, Felix, Fati, Bellingham, Szoboszlai etc and of those i've watched only Foden is UP with the likes of Fati & Jude down 13p & 16p in just a couple of hours!!!

    I think once the market flattens (in a few days or maybe a week) they'll be some bargains to get and that could be a good time to strike but as you are, with 'instant loss' on investment it really isn't attractive to put 'more of my own' money into the platform right now... Confidence is key... and i simply have none!!!

  • I'm reinvesting all my divs into proven reliable dividend winners. FI have stated over again that dividends are the true worth of the platform so I will abide. Cant see much cap app at the minute until it all settles down abit.

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