Edmond Tapsoba

  • Has this guy won any PB yet? Trying to work out why he's so expensive compared to other defenders who have already won PB but are far cheaper. Any ideas?

  • @Stevo he ipod at a high price iirc

  • Think this has been one of the key issues with FI, since I joined around Feb time I've always wondered how young players get such high value. It's all pure FI hype and one of the reasons we are in the situation we are now. These young players will struggle to return their prices through media and in play dividends, we had the likes of Curtis Jones and Harvey worth more than Salah and Mane at one point.

    It was only a matter of time before these players prices crashed back down to their actual worth. In the current FI climate it will be good for players to return to around the £1 mark unless they are reliable dividend returners. Young players like Tapsoba you are gambling they will become those reliable return providers in future.

  • @Stevo was a relatively recent IPO hence the higher price but I think he did win one Def PB day and consistently hits good scores (all the Leverkusen defenders seem too!)

  • @Stevo top class young centre backs are few and far between. Big performances = Big moves and that's probably the driving factor here. ... 3 year rule remember!!! The dividends will come!!!

    People do still buy on sentiment and potential, I don't think that will ever change!!

  • @dannypea thats true but when you can buy say Akanji for half the price who is posting consistently decent PB scores so far this season, Still young, plays for one of Europe's best teams and could still move on.

    I just don't get it. And people willing to pay not too far away from buy now price????

  • Akanji is at BvB who don't always have the best 'defensive' record due to the attacking nature of their game style (although this season has been better) they also have 'better' PB prospects in their own full backs that knocks Akanji's chances down slightly.. One thing would put me off other than those is he's already at a massive club and less likely to get an EPL move... I'm not saying 'these' are all right reasons, but if we had the answer we would all be rich (which we were) and FI would be on its arse!!! (Which it might soon be)...

  • @Stevo could be any of the things mentioned already but market inefficiency could also be a reason. Even the most liquid markets have inefficiencies that people take advantage of.

  • Don’t know, I think he’s a fucking clown. Looks awful

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