john nellis live stream tonight

  • Great live podcast, realistic and financially intellectual but also negative, yes there is a lot of talk about intrinsic value and risk profiles and no money coming in and dividend structure doesnt work like a proper company on the stock exchange

    well with 600 000 users currently and only 5000 traders daily there is potential for plenty of money to come in and they probably wanted to do this while ther is still lots of room for growth

    There was also no talk of psychology in the market once graphs turn.

    or how another fairly large dividend increase in 12 months could really get the psychology rolling


  • I thought the phone in guests were rubbish, no, no - I'm kidding. 😂

    I've actually only watched bits & though FF, Noirx & that Dizzy guy were decent. 👍

    It's just the bitter ex-users down the comments bar that put me off.

    Trying to spread fear & hatred again.

  • I hear @Coriolanus got some praise??? Realisation that he and others were right all this time?

    Did @IRISHFI suddenly notice about 100 listeners quitting the stream at that point? 🤣

  • The show was fucking class! Best in the business

  • @Dav
    It was. i mean i watched over 2hrs after a 12 hr shift

    and the guests really gave me a thought process i havent considered before,

    so basically when fi gave the small dividend increase followed by a change of mind and a large dividend increase it confused a lot of people. It was a massive change and the dividends became almost unheard of. however we have to understand that unlike the stock market, these players have a 15yr career AT Best. so dividends have to increase much larger than your normal stock market

    and i believe we are all learning this, even at fihq i believe.

    this community is the greatest and i believe early investors still have an advantage even if it feels like its been taken away. As long as divs increase yr on yr and by a higher rate than normal ftsecompanies then just keep reinvesting and you should see your initial stake coming back to you yr on yr and probably more...every yr for the rest of your lives.

  • @kaka8 and with this, let the psychology of markets do what they do best. become unlogical and mad in their highs and lows

  • @kaka8 ..Everyone is missing the psychology of trading at the minute and it is fascinating to watch.

    Stick with your trading plan and don't deviate under any circumstances.

    A good tip is to stay away from FI-related social media, forums, you tube, etc as they are all full of fearful bleating presently.

    Just do your thing and reap the rewards on the other side as is the case in every bear market.

  • @Karl its amazing how many different opinions ther are.
    people opinions cross over but i imagine no two people have the complete same views.

    im talking in reference particularly to Noirx4 who has recently made a 4hr cast on youtube. i only saw an hour but he talks about the importance of knowing your end game. personally my end game is to never leave but feed off dividends and move shares into younger talent (for me 20-25)

    18yr old have to be absolute lightning or built like a gorilla (owen and wayne)

    im happy to have shares in 33 yr olds in the future but the yield has to be so high, and itl be reinvested in the 25 yr olds and my morning coffee.

    thers no free money so you will get injuries and flops along the way. and here lies the risk so diversify.

    on the journey if prices rocket too high then you have to sell some imo.
    if prices are low, dont stress and think of the divs

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