• I keep seeing people say that we need to give it a week to let the market settle and there's an element of truth on that front. I also appreciate there's a global pandemic on so some people will have withdrawn money and consequently more people are less concerned about putting extra cash into FI. By the same token you've got to ask where do FI go from here.
    We've got the new system implemented and all I can see across the board is stalemates everywhere. The difference between what people want to sell for and what people are willing to buy for are in 99% of the cases I've seen are a good distance apart.
    My issue is, as with others is that I have invested since brown Sunday. Even the shares I have bought since brown Sunday are not just down but sufficiently down. Every time I look at my port it's down.
    How do FI index restore faith to the platform and turn it into a sellers market and away from a chancers market.

  • I look at the stock market daily and see huge increases in stocks/shares so 'trading' is still there.... Don't be put off by a bit of flu... Investors 'will' put into something if they 'believe' in the product and 'if' they think it 'will' make them money...

    Issue is do people believe in FI???? perhaps not?? Will it make people money??? perhaps not??

    I actually think there is money to be earned but it has gone from a very simple buy/sell/small spread to a very complicated system that confuses the 'passive' punter into thinking... 'I'll give this a miss'.... I really don't like the current buy/sell system so from that perspective, my actions will be minimal, but i 'love' the over exuberant dividends they offer because it brings in 'big returns' which I would argue are 'too big'...

    So now rather than weighing up.. Can i buy X for price A and make price B.... I'm buying Z for price A... trying to sell back for price A.... but in the mean time making Y through dividends....

    Confusing??? I did say it might now be too complicated!!!!

  • @NewUser67492 it's not just about the market settling, but also there being some eligible games on-its been media days for pretty much a week and a half. I wouldn't expect to see big swings tonight (unless we see a PSG 1,2,3 and then it only swings a certain way) but weekend should show what we are in for.

    I think it's going to be that once games will start, your profit will wildly swing, it won't just be a solid increase in a player looking like they are going to take a PB win.

    At the moment there's two strategies - lowball the top 200 if you have the patience to have large sums of money doing nothing for a long period of time, or invest in the cheaper players, knowing you are almost guaranteed a 50-100% return on divs( and there are a lot of players capable of this at current prices). I say 2 strategies as doing nothing isn't a strategy and selling up completely for most isn't an option

    Thinking about it, combining the two strategies would work well -buy low price, quality players, (sub £1), then use the div money to lowball the top 200 for when the next cycle.

  • This is where the problem lies. The changes have brought confusion and people in my opinion have one eye on now looking for a way out.
    The hardest issue for me isn't about losing money - its for all the people I've encouraged to join. They come to me now asking for advice and I honestly don't know what to say to them.
    Is it worth investing in Mbappe at £6 a share? A year ago I'd have said yes.
    The reality is the rule book has been ripped up, its now a different game. Mbappe could return to £11 a share within 3 years or he may be worth £3 (still being one of the big boys).
    You've gone from a product that was growing. It appealed to gamblers and investors. Advertisements on TV, a slot on the radio show. I haven't seen or heard anything positive from FI for months. There's uncertainty but my issue is I'm not even sure FI are certain on what they have done to the platform.
    I'm not even sure an adaptation back to the old way of buying and selling will help restoring confidence in the market at this point.

  • @dannypea it certainly doesn’t appeal to the masses, it’s turning in to a job, is the late teen, early 20 kid going to buy into or get it.. some yes.. most probably not. It’s niche.

  • The only funds I have invested are my all time profit. I'm just going to leave it as is and will intermittently check on the profit status. I managed to take out my original investment over the past month as I think it has all become too complicated for your average punter to understand. Most of what I have left is Troy Parrot, so hopefully he fulfils his potential over the next few years!

  • I joined around Feb this year and yes, my port is also fucked, deeply fucked! However, even if it’s not easy, I try not to panic and think of long term. I’ve been topping up all these last few months and I am still ding it, it’s just too tempting not to do it looking at the ridiculous values you find at the moment! Keep the faith man

  • I'm sticking to players under and around £1 to £2 now, as one top gold match day would return a huge % return. There is too much to lose on the bigger players now. Since yesterday I have picked up some great bargains like mane for 1.60ish, Digne for 80p, Martial for 1.27, Moussa Diaby for 1.07 etc

    If FI continues to tank these prices are still potentially rewarding from the dividends perspective. If FI recovers these could easily double their money.

  • The trouble with keeping the faith is not many people are. Will it get to a point where I'm one of very few who do and my port just disappears. It is just a race to the bottom and FI dont give a fuck

  • @AndydfopT Problem is there are other football products out there which i won't promote but how many ex FI investors have fled🤔

    Massive possibly long lasting damage has been done here.

    Trying to keep the faith mind you😉

  • @Gazz127 i put 6 g in , that went to 9 and is now under 5. If it gets to 4 which it probably will I'm going to IS the lot. Will hopefully get 3500 is back. So a 2.5 loss . Il beg my mrs for forgiveness and give myself a twat round the face for 'investing' in a gambling platform. My portfolio is small compared to some , I'm upset by all this, I can only imagine what the bigger holders are thinking.

  • @AndydfopT Thing is this product does not only need the big fish.
    If many smaller investors go like us both then what eh🤔
    Trouble is i don't know the answer to the turn around and not sure FI do either.

  • @Gazz127 I'd say the logical route will be it gets down to a lower level again where it will be cheap enough to attract people. The prices will then rise naturally. The problem will be the time it takes to achieve that and the fact it may not return back to the old levels. I took roughly a 50% hit on my Werner shares recently in order to wait for the new lower prices to come and then hopefully make back the difference when the rises eventually come. Before that though the new baseline needs to be found

  • @AndydfopT

    I’ve been on here for a good 18+ months or so now and couldn’t agree more. I will wait it out even if it kills me as I think I have more to potentially gain that I have to loose if the platform does ever recover. But what an awful ride this last 6 months has been. Even my patience is wearing thin now!

  • @NewUser67492 dont tell them to buy Mbappe for £6 a share. He has earnt next to nothing and does not justify his price currently imo, so could well drop further when there is the next downturn. I'd look at Mbappe later in the season. Tell them to invest in regular dividend earners. Messi dropped to 4.20 a few days ago for example - and he could even make that by the end of 2021 if the City move happens or looks like it may happen. Kakuta was going for 26-27p a few days ago. Some are still really low. Just focus on the earners and ignore youth players for now. There is plenty of value around and it should be judged only by current earning potential imo. Potential future earnings is all well and good - and some young players could double in price - but in a market of no confidence the money will go to those who can best justify their value in the short term. And pay attention to the trajectory of prices - some will fall further still and others are coming up from their bottom.

  • A big issue is surely that FI were promoting their product with the message "use your football knowledge". The changes now seem to reward quick reactions to prices during games. This isn't "using football knowledge"; it's "watching the TV"...
    And once Covid passes, real football fans will be at games on matchdays, not poised over a PC keyboard.
    The goalposts really have moved on the premise of this product.

  • @MrPatient Fantastic username to accompany this post.

  • @NewUser302780 Not necessarily, you can use your football knowledge to gauge a players worth against other similar players. So say for instance Digne is one of the better attacking full backs in the league for assists etc yet is currently down to under 80p a share. Robertson again is around 1.40 a share whereas we have some full backs over £2 a share still.

    Combination of knowing players and their comparative prices against similar players in their positions should enable us to spot value. The game now is to find a player currently being undervalued, investing your money and waiting for the rest of FI to catch on and raise the price so you can sell on!

  • @WillG Well said, I fear too many users couldn't tell you why they were buying shares previously other than they were rising etc

    Now people are losing money it's a sad state they automatically want to learn why & more about the product.

    Sounds harsh admittedly but if an individual didn't have a theory of why they were buying since at least the Summer(plans laid out and opportunities to escape at good prices) then that's on them. Cap app isn't what it was but why were people buying based on what they thought future prices might be without correlating dividends ?

    Cap app now will be when a player outperforms market dividend expectation and rises to suit and not because an 18yo has scored a goal in a 3-0 win.

  • I think you are both missing the point. We all did this before , then FI decided they wanted to fuck us over

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