The lower end trapped holds. OB patience?

  • For those looking at their money trapped in the lower end type players with despair, perhaps rather than hunt any IS bids and take them whatever the price, try to reinstall a bit of hope and patience in those hold if you can wait to exit them- set a price you think they will go to on their good days of the season.

    It's easy to think of them as shit holds now and desperately want rid whilst they're not doing anything. But picture them on their best day- e.g. the CB who can score a goal and challenge for Def pb a few times a season- why accept 30p now when on those days he could go nearer 60p?

    Best thing about OBs is that you can set a price & leave it until it happens, no more having to keep an eye on the games or goal alerts. Predict it & wait. Challenge will be setting the competitive price. Think, how much would someone spend to buy the IPD, PB chance, TOTM chance?

    E.g. I currently hold Acerbi, have held for a long time- one the delay of Euro 20 affected I think. IS 29p. But Lazio have a good run of fixtures and he has a good PB base. A few decent performances, a goal etc could lead to PB challenge or TOTM challenge, so I'm valuing higher than 29p and leaving him on a higher offer.

    Right now whilst traders are rightly pissed off at all things Index, I know I may not get the buyer soon, or even on his next big performance, but I think over the rest of the season he will be bought higher than 29p at some point.

    It is also in FI's interest to get the money freed up from being locked in all the lower end. So I expect another IPD bonus at some stage. So a 20p striker now, could still have FI promo rockets in him at some point, meanwhile what price could he achieve on a brace/hattrick day?

  • This is precisely the way I'm choosing to view some of my lower end holds, e.g. Balerdi, Radonjic, En-Nesyri, Bentancur and Ozcan. All players with potential but have done f-all in the last year or so.

  • I agree with you and it seems pointless to take any kind of price now to exit but I have lost a lot of faith in the product.

    How can they be so blind to the issues?

    It's more hope we're speaking in than historical belief

  • @Westy Exactly that, just because folk are low balling at the moment doesn’t mean you have to sell, patience was always the key with certain holds in FI and there’s no reason that should change. Just need some market stability and customer trust, which may take a bit of time due to mismanagement on behalf of FI, but believe we will get there again?

  • Also with the latest implementation that is (finally) also possible for the mid-high end of the market. It was sort of refreshing to just set a price and disconnect from the app.

  • @Martin-M i have growing doubts over the product the way it now is, but nothing we can do about that if we cant sell to leave and hopefully they'll think of something to keep it separate from the bookies regarding losing your whole stake and cashing out whenever you want.

    Firstly they really need to win back the most vocal- the big twitter accounts, the content makers etc- once they're happy again its easy for it to spread, once users are happy its easy for it to grow. As a content editor/creator myself, it is so difficult to put positive FI content out at the moment. It is also so easy to put critical content out. Although we are seeing dips elsewhere too, the management of others seems so much more in tune with the traders so they dont get attacked as much it seems. I sometimes have sympathy to FI with the onslaught of twitter, but the way they go about things is so different to others.

    To start the change they have to listen to the best brains out there in the trader pool- ones who want the product to do well and know how to fix it. Ones that have pointed out flaws well in advance. Id suggest they even hire some of them.

    Anyway, this was meant to be a postive thread! 😂

  • @Westy

    I probably have over 50% of my port in these kind of holds. The spreads are always wide outside of game days so it can make grim reading if the port is set to mid price. I have been buying IPD players who have a realistic shot at PB and under £1, so with the potential returns on offer I am of the mindset that this field should remain tradeable on any given day, so what happens in-between does not cause me too much concern - but it is very disconcerting not seeing an IS price available, and will do long term damage to confidence if this trend is allowed to continue beyond the new year...

  • @Westy
    Re setting prices

    Now that you can list higher. That's the way to go. Sit down, decide how much you want for the player and list for that and forget about them.

    Not just IPDs but anyone. If the price you want for the player you can set (so is within 150p) then do it and not worry about it and market can take as long as its going to take to get there. Don't need to monitor all the time.

  • Good post. Some of the value out there is insane. I’m loading up on Harvey Barnes today. He is becoming a big player for Leicester and was in a recent England squad. Leicester have 9 IPD games in the next 30 days.

    I actually feel sorry for those selling Barnes, I would have paid £1.50 for him but I’m obtaining fir around £1.

  • Delort had been around 30~40p, so could have ISd during crash around 35p.

    He's performed today and market sold in bunches at 56~84p. Squeakybumtime now if he wins star man! But profit is profit.

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