Moral duty?

  • It seems like there are a lot of people hurting on the index at the moment. The rules have been changed a number of times over the past few months to the extent that devising a strategy on how to use this gambling/trading platform is fast becoming a redundant task.

    I would imagine the legal team at FI will have ensured that changing the rules about the value of a does not incur a legitimate challenge but is there a moral duty? Specifically I think this relates to liquidity. It seems that without the input of market makers, it's looking bleak. And with the 2% bump on buys the gamble is for us, Russian roulette with a loaded gun and we are going first. The optimist would rightly point out that it is early days. Perhaps, but I have not seen a rationale based on optimism that shows how the current trend demonstrates an ultimately positive cycle.

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